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Delegated Procurement - Less than $25,000

Delegated Procurement – Less Than $25,000 Procurements


The University delegates a limited level of purchasing authority to departments. Under that authority, departments are allowed to purchase goods and services up to without going through a bid/PO process. Changes to the USM policies and procedures have increased the threshold for delegated procurements to $25,000 (previously $5,000). Effective immediately, employees in departments with delegated procurement authority may initiate purchases up to $25,000 directly in Kuali Financial System (KFS) using the automatic purchase order (APO) function.   Please see our announcement on the Delegated Procurement home page ( for more information.


Purchasing Cards (PCard)

Purchasing cards (PCards) are Visa credit cards available to faculty and staff who have been authorized by their department to purchase low cost business-related items for the University. This program is designed to improve efficiency when making these low dollar transactions. Please note, the PCard single transaction limit is not increasing to $25,000, and will remain at the current $5,000 threshold.


Department heads determine who should be an authorized cardholder. Cardholders are required to complete a Cardholder Agreement Form (available here), an on‐line training session, and a Purchasing Card test with a grade of 80% or better before obtaining the card.


Use of the purchasing card is a privilege granted by the State of Maryland to University employees.  As with all university privileges, the card can be revoked and disciplinary action taken in the event of abuse, inappropriate or fraudulent use, or failure to perform required cardholder administrative duties.


For more information about the Purchasing Card program click here




Automatic Purchase Order (APO)


Previously called a Small Procurement Order (SM)


Automatic Purchase Orders (APOs) are purchase orders that automatically convert from requisitions in KFS for procurements delegated to the departmental level. These procurements include purchases up to $25,000, purchases under $5,000 that cannot be purchased with the Purchasing Card, and purchases from Vendor Contracts.  Access must be requested by the department head and must be approved by the Office of the Comptroller, before access is granted to the KFS system. KFS users access the system with their user name and password, and can set-up APOs under the delegated authority. After a user completes an APO, it can then be printed out and faxed/mailed to the vendor. When an APO is created in the KFS system, they are simultaneously transmitted to the AP module KFS, thus the AP staff has immediate access to the approved APOs and invoice processors can subsequently use the approved APOs during the invoice processing process (see the UMCP AP process narrative for further details).


For more information about creating APOs, please go to




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