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Electronic Review Procedures


Go to Purchasing Card Management System (PCMS) website.


From there, click on the Reviewer Menu, and log into the system using your Directory ID.  Click on the drop down arrow to find the billing period ending date (s) you wish to review, select the date, and then click continue.  Locate the cardholder(s) name.  If your review is complete, and you do not need to make any comments, then check the box to the left of the name.  A check mark will appear in the box.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Submit for Review sign off.

Should you need to add a comment to the log, click on the cardholder’s name – the log with a comment box will appear.  Include your comment in the box, click on the “Reviewer Sign Off/Transaction Log Reviewed” button, then click on the “Back to Review/Selection Page” button.  Once returned to this page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Submit for Review Sign Off.   After completing this step, the following message should be displayed at the top of the page Review Log Records successfully Updated; you should see a green check mark with the date that you completed the electronic review next to the cardholder(s) name.  Your electronic review is now complete.


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