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Signing of Agreements, Licenses and Contracts:

You do not have the authority to sign agreements, licenses, contracts or terms and conditions.  Please send your documentation to the delegated procurement team for review.  You can either email them at or send your information through campus mail 2113R Chesapeake Bldg. If you should have any questions or concerns regarding your paper work you can always give them a call at 301-405-5834.



Deliveries to a Non-University Address:

All purchased items need to go to a University of Maryland address.  If you need an item to be directly shipped to a non University of Maryland address please contact Jim Haley by email or by phone 301-405-5837 for approval before sending the item out.


Authorized Use of Purchasing Card

Only the cardholder is authorized to use the pcard. Allowing someone other than the cardholder to make a purchase with the Purchasing card is a violation of University policy; only the cardholder is authorized to make purchases with the purchasing card. Having someone other than the cardholder use the purchasing card jeopardizes the unit’s ability to acquire reimbursement from the bank if the card were to have a fraudulent charge. On the bank’s affidavit requesting reimbursement the cardholder certifies that neither the card nor the account number was used by anyone else.  If the cardholder allowed some else use the card, then the agreement could not be signed, resulting in the department losing funds.  Also, allowing another person to use the purchasing card increases the chance of having the card compromised.



Food Purchases

Food purchases (from grocery stores and caterers, but not restaurants) are allowed within the delegated purchasing authority ($25,000) without approval from the Department of Dining Services. Documentation must be retained with the transaction log for all food purchases that identifies the
name and purpose of the function and who attended it, by name or affiliation. Costs for alcoholic beverages are not to be included under any circumstance. University funds shall not be used to reimburse employees for meals during the course of normal working hours or to obtain food for
such meals, office parties, retirement receptions, etc., except with the written approval of the President or his designee.


For more information please see the president's policy:


University of Maryland Policy and Procedures Concerning Food Purchases for Purposes Other than Employee Travel and Resale





Modifications to Building Structure

Modifications to building structure may not be purchased with the pcard. All building modifications must be approved by and coordinated through Facilities Management


For more information you can visit the FM website



Telecommunication Services and Cell Phone Policy


Hazardous Materials

The purchase of hazardous materials requires Department of Environmental Safety approval.


For more information you can contact Assistant Director of Research Safety Mary Dorman via email or phone 301-314-8336





Should you have any questions please contact us.
Phone: 301-405-5834 Email: Fax: 301-314-9565





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