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Purchasing Card Restrictions





Restrictions Associated with the Pcard are detailed in the UM Users Guide and highlighted during the Purchasing Card Online Training. The Restrictions are categorized as


1. Restricted at the point of sale


2. Restricted at other than point of sale.



1. Point of Sales Restrictions

Transactions will not go through (decline)

-          Exceeds single purchase limit
-          Exceeds monthly credit limit
-          Travel Charges (airlines, car rental, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants)
-          Liquor stores (package stores)
-          Cash Advances (ATM machines)
-          Some Personal Services (photographic studios)
-          Fines
-          Other than at Point of Sale- transaction may go through but violates law, policy or

procedures and therefore should not be made.



2. Other than Point of Sales Restrictions

Transactions may go through but violates law, policy of procedures and should therefor not be made:

-          Personal Purchases
-          Alcohol

-          Antenna, satellite installations.
-          2-way radios
-          Purchases to Non-University Addresses

-          Purchases to unincorporated businesses - specific to services only

-          Cash Equivalents (Examples: Gift Cards, Credits for future use)

-          Stringing of purchases to avoid the single purchasing limit

-         Gifts of Sentiment- (Examples: flowers or other gifts for Professional Administrative Assistant's Day, retirements, birthdays)

-          Center for Disease Control Select Agents- Contact Environmental Safety for clarification. (Examples: radioisotopes, dioxin).

-          Office Furniture Purchases- unless documented with a Office Furniture Purchase Form for Small Dollar Transactions that MCE (Maryland Correctional Enterprises) can not meet your needs (See Appendix E of the Users Guide)


-          Modifications to Building Structure- mechanical, electrical or life safety systems) Contact Facilities Management for clarification


-        Signing of an Agreement, License or Contract-   In relation to a purchase. Send the document to the pcard team ( for review


-          Payment of Individual Memberships- requires approval from Vice President of Administrative Affairs






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