Priority Shipping







Local Same Day Courier Service

Contact the Transportation Manager, X55852, for assistance.


Courier service is available for the entire Baltimore/ Washington metro area. Special delivery service is available for delivery to major cities across the country

Priority Outbound Shipments

Please contact the Transportation Manager for assistance in setting up an account with a priority shipping company (FEDEX, UPS, DHL). These accounts are paid via Purchasing Cards, and all University volume discounts will apply.

Next Day Service

Federal Express and UPS drop boxes are located in various locations around campus and provide reliable and efficient service.

Bring your next day packages to the Physical Distribution Center before 2:00 pm for shipment, or arrange for the carrier to pickup the package from your office

Second Day Service

UPS and FEDEX provide reliable and economical service

Bring your second day packages to the Physical Distribution Center before 2:00 pm

International Priority Service

Contact the Transportation Manager, X55852, for forms and instructions


Priority service is generally 2-3 day delivery. Customs could delay delivery.


Contact the Transportation Manager, X55852

UPS has a 150 pound maximum weight per piece.

FEDEX has no maximum weight per piece.

Roadway Express has no maximum weight per piece.

Different carriers, services and rate structures are available

Helpful Hints

Include the shipper's name, department, phone number on all air waybills. If delivery cannot be made, the carrier will attempt to contact the shipper for instructions.

UPS and FEDEX shipments are automatically insured for $100. Additional insurance may be added at additional cost.

Drop boxes (UPS & Federal Express) are located at various locations around campus, use

drop boxes when possible. FedEx and UPS will also pickup priority packages from your location.

Documents or checks should be placed in a separate addressed envelope and then place in the UPS or FEDEX shipping envelope. This will assure delivery in the event the contents are separated from the shipping envelope.

Complete EVERY LABELED BOX on the shipping document

A copy of the shipping document should be given to your department's fiscal manager.


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