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Terrapin Trader Surplus Property Pick Up & Drop off Instructions


1. Complete Surplus Property Release Form


Complete the Surplus Property Release Form* and obtain the Department Head Signature & then...



2. Call Us at...


Call us at 301-405-7337 or X55267 to arrange a pick-up/drop-off of surplus...

You will receive a Terrapin Trader Number specific to your pick-up/drop-off. place this number on all related forms... then fax a copy/copies to 301-314-7947.


* The Terrapin Trader requires the removal of all data on computers or electronic storage devices prior to surplussing. The Sensitive Equipment Cleaning Form (SECF) is required to accompany all sensitive equipment that contains personal or University information & software.


Terrapin Trader Surplus Property Surplus Property Cleaning Certification Form
This form must be completed and accompany all laboratory equipment and any equipment that may have contained or used with dangerous or hazardous material.


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