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Terrapin Trader is the University's on-going surplus operation. Terrapin Trader Property Release Forms are used to identify items deemed surplus by the owning department. Computers, printers, desks, chairs, and tables are among the kinds of inventory processed by the Terrapin Trader. Pick up of surplused equipment is made free of charge to University departments. Terrapin Trader determines the price of property sold through its showroom (sometimes in consultation with department personnel). Sales are made on a "first come" basis and items are sold "as is" with no warranties or guarantees.

Terrapin Trader Location and Hours
University surplus property is available through the Terrapin Trader located in the Severn Building 5245 Greenbelt Road, College Park, MD 20740 Phone: (301)405-5267 Fax: 301-314-7947. Click here for directions
Shoppers are welcome during the following hours:
Tuesdays-Fridays 10:00-3:00
Closed Mondays and UMCP Holidays
Terrapin Trader Showroom

All items displayed on the Showroom Floor are available through either our weekly priority sale system with departments having the first preference or through competitive sealed bids. Showroom floor items are selected for purchase by removing the bottom portion of the identification/price tag. To submit a bid ask for a bid packet at the point-of-sale referencing the item number for which you wish to bid.
Weekly Priority Sales System

Items on the Terrapin Trader Showroom floor are sold according to the following schedule:
     At all times University of Maryland departments
     After 1 week Other State of Maryland departments
     After 2 weeks Other not-for-profit agencies and UMCP faculty, staff, and students (with appropriate identification)
     After 3 weeks General Public
Exception: Items where bids are solicited. These items are available to all on a sealed bid basis. The Terrapin Trader Manager determines if items are showroom or bid items.
Conditions of Sale
Sales are made on a "first come" basis. Items are not held. Items are sold "as is" with no warranties or guarantees.
For Motor Vehicle Sales Terms and Conditions, click here
Methods of Payment
University departments:
Bill to KFS account number referenced on UMCP Internal Services Request form, P-Card or memo on letterhead signed by the appropriate budgetary authority. Purchases will be referenced on monthly account statements under Subcode 3916 Office Supplies (to prevent duplication of items already on Inventory).
Other Campuses and State Agencies:
Bill to STARS account number referenced in memo on letterhead signed by a proper budgetary authority.
Other Organizations and Individuals:
Business checks, Personal checks with a photo ID, Money orders, American Express, Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Internal Service Request(ISR) and STARS account also accepted. University faculty, staff, and student identification may be required. The Terrapin Trader is not authorized to accept cash.

A purchase by a University department may be picked up by an authorized employee of that department with proper identification. The department will be sent notification of the purchase. In addition, free delivery is normally available by Terrapin Trader to University departments served by UMCP Central Receiving. If items are physically too large or heavy for Terrapin Trader delivery, the University's Traffic Manager will assist the department in making transportation arrangements at the department's expense. Purchases by customers other than UMCP departments are to be removed from Terrapin Trader premises at the time of sale.

Trader Form
Terrapin Trader Property Release Forms ("Trader Form") are used to identify items deemed surplus by the owning department. Trader forms, available through Procurement and Supply, may be photocopied.
Call For Pickup (301) 405-7337
The owning department head can authorize the discarding of items not on Inventory which have no current practical or monetary value. In all other cases, departments complete a Trader form and call Terrapin Trader to receive a Terrapin Trader transaction number and to arrange for pick-up of surplus items. After the driver signs the Trader form, the department makes a copy for its file and gives the form to the driver. Pick up is normally made free of charge to University departments served by UMCP Central Receiving. When items are physically too large or heavy for pickup by Terrapin Trader, the University's Traffic Manager will make arrangements with the Physical Plant or outside companies to provide rigging if needed and transportation to the Terrapin Trader. It is necessary that the department releasing the property pay for these additional removal costs.
Terraping Trader will determine the price of property sold through its showroom using trade publications, trade-in allowances, pricing from other surplus property operations, and marketplace experience as guide. Terrapin Trader will consult with department personnel in pricing specialized items.
Proceeds from Sale
Net proceeds from surplus items, established in accordance with the department compensation scale, are to be transferred to originating departments. The revenue is to provide an incentive for originating departments to use the service and to help cover costs of administering the program. This helps minimize paperwork and ensure that procedures are cost effective. Credit will appear on the monthly account statement for the FRS account indicated on the Trader form under subcode 3772 Reimbursable Contractual Services. The department compensation scale is based on sale of an item or group of like items (for example 5 like chairs) as follows:
          Sales Price                                   Compensation to Departments
          Under $50.00                                                  None
           $50.01-250.00                                   Sales Price less $50.00
           $250.01 and over                             80% of Sales Price
Compensation to departments for items which remain in the department during the sale process will be handled on a case by case basis.
Donating to Not-For-Profit Entities
Terrapin Trader encourages departments to inform them of school systems and other non-for-profit entities that have need for surplus items which do not sell in the showroom.

Pickup or visit site within one week of request. Sell or dispose of surplus property within 90 days or less on average.
Terrapin Trader will send a copy of the completed Trader form to the releasing department and Inventory Control for inventory adjustments. Capital equipment remains on the inventoryof the owning department until notice of final disposition by Terrapin Trader. The Comptroller's Office will transfer Inventory items purchased by another UM department to the purchaing department's Inventory at the original purchase price.

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