Driving Rules for University of Maryland Vehicles

  1. All drivers who operate University of Maryland vehicles must comply with all policies, procedures, rules, and instructions governing the use of such vehicles.
  2. All drivers must possess a driver's license that is valid in the State of Maryland and have fewer than six points for moving violations.
  3. University vehicles may be driven only by authorized employees, students, and volunteers. Drivers must be at least 18 years old. Each institution may designate in writing several qualified students or volunteers to serve as non-employee volunteer drivers when the need for such is justified, subject to the following limitations: (a) travel is directly related to the curricula of the institution; (b) team travel formally represents the institution; (c) travel is directly related to the business functions of the institution, where deemed appropriate and necessary by the institutional administration; and (d) participation is limited to the specific pre-approved need. Volunteers are subject to a driving record review.
  4. University of Maryland vehicles may only be used for official business. Personal use is prohibited.
  5. Passengers are limited to those persons whose presence is directly related to an official University of Maryland trip and who are properly authorized to participate in a University of Maryland function.
  6. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure the use of seat belts by all vehicle occupants.
  7. All traffic and parking laws are to be obeyed. All violation fines are the responsibility of the individual involved. State and university funds must not be used to pay for any type of fine. There is a $35 processing fee charged to the State vehicle driver's employing department for each traffic violation including, but not limited to, photo enforcement, parking, and toll violations. The driver is responsible for payment of the violation as well as any associated fees received from the issuing jurisdiction.
  8. All accidents are to be reported to the police immediately. In addition, all accidents must be reported within 24 hours to the appropriate institutional designee. For accidents involving vehicles that are leased or rented from Motor Transportation Services, the accident must be reported to Motor Transportation Services at 301.405.5482. All other accidents involving University of Maryland departmental vehicles must be reported to the Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability & Risk at 301.405.3964 or 301.405.3960. All accidents must be reported even if another vehicle is not involved or there are no apparent injuries or damage. An accident report must be obtained from the police having jurisdiction where the accident occurred.
  9. A monthly travel log must be maintained for each vehicle. The travel logs shall be retained within departments and made available for audit upon request.
  10. University vehicles are to be maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. All warranties are to be fully exercised.
  11. Drivers of University of Maryland vehicles are personally responsible for vehicles operated by them. Should damage result through misuse or gross negligence, the driver may be required to make restitution to the University of Maryland.
  12. The use of a University of Maryland fuel/service credit card is restricted to the specific vehicle or vehicles to which it is assigned.
  13. University vehicles may not be rented or loaned to outside groups, individuals, or organizations. Subject to availability, other campuses within the University System of Maryland may use University of Maryland vehicles.
  14. Smoking is prohibited in University System of Maryland vehicles