Physical Distribution

The Physical Distribution Center, located in the Severn Building, is home to Central Receiving, Central Shipping, Transportation Management and Terrapin Trader. It serves as the default receiving warehouse for any inbound shipments to the university when the ordering department cannot physically receive the items from the supplier. Office supplies ordered from Guy Brown and Rudolph’s are received at the warehouse daily and delivered to offices around campus by Physical Distribution staff. We receive more than one million pounds of freight per year via UPS, FedEx and various freight transportation companies and re-deliver it to the campus. UPS provides daily pickup of package freight at the Physical Distribution Center, and FedEx and Less-than-load (LTL) trucking companies pick up from us as needed.

Find more information about general shipping, including procedures, non-priority pick-up, international shipping, and useful tips to make the shipping process efficient.

Find more information about priority shipping, including procedures, international priority service, priority service for heavy shipments, and useful tips to make the shipping process efficient.

Inbounds shipments can be delivered to specific buildings or rerouted to the Physical Distribution Center, contingent upon shipments’ weight and handling/installation requirements. US Customs Clearance is needed for international inbound shipments. Read more here.

Transportation Management may assist in university sponsored household and laboratory moves. Find out more about household move process, guidelines, and policy here.