Consulting & Contract Services

Definition of Contract Services: Contract services represent any services related to a request for contract on behalf of the campus department and include contract formation and award, execution, modifications, administration, settlement activities and close-out.   

  • Independent contractual agreements of small dollar amounts are often treated as delegated or simplified procurements.
  •  P&BS has an independent contractor/consultant agreement that can be used for expedited processing of contract services. These can include consulting, IT and other professional services.


    To assist in filling out the form, see guidance and checklist:

  • When a purchase requires a contract and signature, including the independent contractor and consulting agreement 
  • When issuance of a PO is not sufficient as the contract document
  • When contract (including sole or single source) > $25K
  • Any purchase requiring interpretation of regulations, laws or terms and conditions  
  • Scope or Statement of Work 
  • Milestones, Deliverables, and schedule for each 
  • Hourly rates and estimated hours to be worked 
  • Total costs to complete the work,  including expenses and fees
  • IRS Form W-9
  • Proof of Insurance (cannot expire during life of the PO, cannot be more than 6 months old)* 

*Certificate of Insurance requirements including but not limited to liability, auto, professional, and IT are subject to the discretion and guidance of P&BS and the assigned procurement officer.

  • No work can begin by the Supplier/Contractor prior to receipt of a fully executed contract and issuance of Purchase Order. The dollar amount of the Purchase Order, responsiveness of department, supplier, and other complexities of the project can affect processing time.
  • Regardless of the dollar value of the contract or consulting services order, Procurement is required to confirm acceptance of UMD terms and conditions or to negotiate acceptable terms and conditions. 
  • If another entity's agreement or a consortia based agreement is being referenced, Procurement is required to review and negotiate the terms and conditions of the overarching agreement.  In these instances, the language of the agreement may be problematic and alternate agreements with acceptable language may be substituted at the discretion of the procurement officer.
  • Solicitations for Consulting and Contract Services agreements <$200K can typically be completed in 10-30 days with a clear scope of work from the campus department.   
  • Independent contractors cannot be current UMD employees or have worked for UMD in the last 6 months or within the same calendar year.   In some cases, Procurement may advise that the individual be hired on a C1 agreement through UHR.
  • Reimbursement of expenses (Travel and other) charged by contractors will not be arranged by UMD or submitted through internal systems. Expenses incurred by the contractor are to be invoiced against the purchase order and must be submitted complete with support documentation proving the cost of expenses (copies of actual receipts). Any Travel expenses incurred must adhere to UMD Travel policies and procedures.  Most importantly, if air travel is involved, UMD does not pay for first class travel, and business class travel is restricted to specific criteria.