Procurement Card Administration

The University of Maryland (UMD) provides an efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing small-dollar as well as high-volume items. The program is an alternative to the traditional purchasing process and results in a significant reduction in the volume of purchase orders, invoices and checks processed for goods and services up to $5,000.00. The Purchasing Card is a VISA card issued by the State of Maryland and is issued in the name of the authorized employee for the purpose of making approved purchases on behalf of the university. Each cardholder is responsible for the integrity and accuracy of their Purchasing Card purchases.

Purchases made with the UMD Purchasing Card must only be for the use and benefit of the university. Misuse of the Purchasing Card may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. Procurement and Business Services will suspend Purchasing Card privileges when policies and procedures are not followed including when the Purchasing Card is used for prohibited purchases, personal use, split transactions and/or gift cards.

UMD's Procurement Card Management System (PCMS) and program information:

To reconcile your Pcard transactions, go to the PCMS home page and select the appropriate action in the left-hand navigation.  

Point of Sale Restrictions

The following transactions will be declined at the register:

  • Exceeds single purchase limit
  • Exceeds monthly credit limit
  • Merchant code blocked (cannot be changed)
  • Travel Charges (airlines, car rental, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants)
  • Liquor stores (package stores)
  • Cash Advances (ATM machines)
  • Some Personal Services (photographic studios)
  • Fines

The following transactions may go through, but violate law, policy or procedures and are not be made:

  • Personal Purchases
  • Gift cards (including iTunes)
  • Fuel (state vehicles have fuel cards through FM Fleet Services)
  • Alibaba and all their subsidiaries – Similar to Amazon but based in China
  • Using Cash App, ApplePay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, Venmo, AliPay, Walmart Pay,
  • Dwolla and Vodafone-M-Pesa and any other similar cash applications
  • Paying Tuitions & fees. Reference: UMD HR Tuition Remission policies
  • Using UMD Purchasing Card internally
  • Travel charges (airlines, registrations, car rental, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels)
    • Registrations for conferences, workshops, professional/staff development fees, seminars etc. with OR without travel (on campus/off campus) goes on the Travel card
  • Alcohol
  • Antenna, satellite installations
  • 2-way radios
  • Purchases sent to non-university addresses
  • Purchases from unincorporated businesses, or individuals--specific to services only
  • Stringing of purchases to avoid the single purchasing limit
  • Gift of Sentiment. Examples: Flowers or other gifts for Professional Administrative Assistant’s Day, retirements, birthdays etc.
  • Centers for Disease Control, Select Agents. Contact Environmental Safety for clarification (Examples: radioisotopes, dioxin etc.)
  • Office furniture purchases – unless you received a waiver from MCE if they can’t provide the product(s)
  • Modifications to building structure: Mechanical, electrical or life safety systems, contact Facilities Management for clarification
  • Purchases that involve signing of an agreement, license or contract: send the document to Delegated Procurement through for review/signature
  • Payment of Individual Memberships--requires approval from Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

This list of restrictions may not be comprehensive. If you have any questions, please contact the

Purchasing Card Team @ 301-405-5834 or

Payment of Individual Memberships in Professional and Academic Associations must meet the criteria of UMD membership policy, and may require approval from the Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer (formerly Vice President for Administrative Affairs).

All cardholders and reviewers must pass an online training course with 80% or higher before the card will be released. After the Card Agreement/Reviewer Access form is submitted, an email with instructions will be sent to the cardholder/reviewer regarding the course.

Departments can request Purchasing Card (P-Card) refresher training by sending an email to or calling the Purchasing Card Program department at 301.405.5834.