Information Technology & Telecommunications Procurement

The P&BS IT/Telecom Team is responsible for conducting the procurement process for UMD IT and telecom procurement activities including contract administration. This includes    software, hardware, IT related services and telecommunications devices, systems, and related services for individual department and university-wide contracting needs.

The goal of those activities is to ensure IT and telecom purchases, leases, lease purchases, deployments and consultations meet or exceed departmental objectives for standardization, supportability, sustainability, ADA accessibility, compatibility and information security requirements, and that they are the best value for the university.  

The IT Procurement Team will work with campus departments to source from available technology and IT services contracts whenever possible.  These contracts include Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium (MEEC) , State of Maryland Division of IT (DoIT) contracts, and other consortia based contracts.

All software license agreements, regardless of dollar value, are to be reviewed and negotiated by Procurement.  This includes clickthrough agreements.  As part of the review process, Procurement will collaborate with appropriate parties on campus to address key issues (Office of General Counsel, Privacy Officer, IT Security Team, Accessibility staff, etc.) and ensure the best needs of the university are met including legal obligations prior to signing or authorizing use of the software.

In some cases, Procurement may direct campus departments to the Division of IT (DIT), TERPware, for access to software the university has already licensed and DIT makes available for broad use on campus.

When purchasing access to software for use, send the following information to for software with a total value <$25,000

  • Supplier name
  • Software name
  • Supplier contact you have been working with
  • Copy of license agreement or link to Supplier website containing terms of use, End User License Agreement (EULA), and all related terms
  • Additional critical information

Software purchases >$25,000 must be acquired through a competitive solicitation process, use of a consortia based agreement such as the MEEC agreements, use of a UMD master agreement, or on a sole source basis.

The university has a number of hardware and telecommunications strategic contracts in place and available for use by campus departments. The following contracts for hardware can be accessed by using Shell Shop catalogs:

  • Dell
  • Apple (use the CDW agreement for Apple products)
  • Peripherals (Dell, CDW, GovConnection, B&H)
  • Telecommunication Systems per UMD Policy Number: X-3.04(A), University of Maryland Policy Concerning the Use of Telecommunications Wiring and Facilities, any telecommunication system intended to be installed in UMD facilities must be pre-approved by DIT.
  • UMD owned cell phones and cell phone data/voice plans--UMD has several master agreements for the purchase of cell phones and data/voice plans.  These are listed under Products & Services.

Designated Non Capital Assets (DNCA)

DNCA is defined as any device that stores and processes data with a purchase price under $5,000.

Section 889 Guidance

Purchases of certain types of telecommunications and video surveillance equipment is restricted.