COVID-19 Procurement & Distribution

The State of Maryland has not authorized shipment of supplies to residences for employees who are teleworking.  Supplies may be ordered and shipped to campus for pick up or delivery to campus locations.  Address information for shipments to campus departments needs to include Room Number, Building Name, Street Address. Fedex and UPS have started delivering directly to buildings that are open.  For buildings that are closed, packages are automatically delivered to the Severn Building for pick up or re-delivery by the Distribution staff.  If you know the package will be picked up it needs to be marked for pick up with the name and telephone number of the person it is for on the package.

Difficult to obtain items such as face coverings, face shields, instant hand sanitizer, free standing plexiglass barriers, and gloves are available for campus departments to order at  https://www.dbs.umd.edu/print/services/DSF.php.

Direct the contractor to the Contractor Requirements During COVID-19 located under Important Information at  https://purchase.umd.edu/.  Instructions for Campus Departments for Working with Contractors during COVID-19 are also located there.

Yes.  Campus department staff who receive items that are delivered or who pick up items are required to sign for the packages.  The signature page includes the tracking number, a signature, brief description, and date of receipt/pick up.

Instruct the supplier to mark the package for pick up with the name and phone number of the person the package is for or the individual who will be picking up the package.  The staff at the Severn Building will set the package aside for pick up when it arrives.  The person picking up the item needs to have the tracking number and inform the staff that they are there to pick up an item designated for pick up.

When you place your order, make sure the supplier has your campus address including Room #, Building Name, Street Address.  Fedex and UPS are now delivering directly to buildings that are known to be open.  All other shipments are being automatically delivered to the Severn Building and staged by location for delivery by Distribution or for pick up.


If the Requisition has routed to Procurement to be processed please refer the suppler to the assigned Procurement staff member and to contact Procurement with any questions or concerns.

It may be best to call the Department of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing and speak with a staff member. Explain the nature of the emergency and what documents you have provided attached to the Requisition. 

Contracts must be reviewed and signed by someone with signature authority. Contact the Department of Procurement and Business Services if you have a contract that needs to be signed for the purchase of goods and/or services. If the contract relates to research, contact the Office of Research Administration (ORA). For any other contract, check with your department administrative or business officer or contact the Office of General Counsel for assistance.

If the Purchase Order has the Contract Manager listed as ‘user,kuali’ those requests can be emailed to: POAmendments@umd.edu.

If the Purchase Order lists a staff member as the Contact Manager the request to change or modify the Purchase Order should be emailed directly to that staff member.

KFS Training is available now, and campus users have access to an online tutorials for Printing and Reprinting a Purchase Order. Online tutorials are accessed using the Training link on the KFS Website at: https://kualifinancial.umd.edu/KFS/index.html

Each waiver request is granted on a one time case by case basis and is not good for future purchases. Verbal requests will not be accepted.

Below is the required information:
1. Items requested for purchase
2. Quantity of each product
3. Competitor name
4. Competitor price
5. Photos and specifications of competitor products

Fax requests to Sales at (410) 540-5569 or email to: Colden McAllister at colden.mcallister@maryland.gov

You will receive a response within a maximum of 3 business days.

If approved - you will receive written notification.

If denied - you will receive written notification with a quote form attached indicating the MCE product that meets your desired specification.

MCE is the preferred provider entity as required by Maryland law, in the Annotated Code of Maryland. MCE provides quality furniture, products and services for use by government and non-profit agencies. The program has been shown to reduce recidivism, reduce the cost of incarceration and provide effective pre-release job training for inmates returning into society.

The University of Maryland College Park is exclusively a Pepsi campus - which means that any and all beverages provided or served on campus property must be manufactured or distributed by Pepsi. This includes drinks for sale or provided at no cost, including bottled water.

This requirement does not apply to dairy products; bottled water in containers larger than 1 gallon; alcoholic beverages, fresh brewed coffee and tea; and freshly made to order juices; OR to beverages purchased by individuals for their own consumption.


This policy applies to all campus programs, meetings, catered events, athletic and recreational competitions for students, faculty or staff.

Major Approved Pepsi Brands include:
Aqua Fina Bottled Water
Lipton Bottled Teas
Starbuck's Bottled Coffees
Dole Juices
Tropicana Juices
Life WTR
Muscle Milk
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and their various flavors
Mountain Dew and its various flavors
Sierra Mist
Dr Pepper
Schweppes Ginger Ale and mixers
Voss Water
Bubbly Flavored Sparkling Water 

Bottled water in containers smaller than 1 gallon may not be purchased through campus office supply or water cooler contracts. Distribution of individual bottled water must be Aqua Fina brand.

Travel and Card Services

Our Travel FAQs are being updated constantly. Please see this list of current Travel FAQs,

Customer Service
800.2DINERS (800.234.6377)
Outside the U.S., call collect

Lost or Stolen Card
Outside the U.S., call collect

Insurance Inquiries
Travel Accident Claims, Car Insurance,
Lost/Damaged Luggage Claims
Outside the U.S., call collect

Should a Travel Card be lost or stolen, contact University of Maryland Travel Services at 301.405.0607 to report it and obtain a replacement card.

You have a couple options.  You can contact the Purchasing Card Team at 301-405-5368 or you can contact the bank’s customer service department at the number listed on the back of the card. Give the customer service representative your account number, the name of the supplier and the amount of the transaction that was declined.  The representative will be able to tell you why the charge was not accepted

The limit is either $2,500 or $5,000 per transaction depending on how your department head set up your account.  Your department head also determines the monthly credit limit assigned to your card; it is identified on your cardholder agreement.

Travelers may be reimbursed for expenses related to official university travel that has been properly pre-approved.

Business Diversity

All State agencies are required to use eMaryland Marketplace (eMM) to advertise contract opportunities. In order to receive a contract award, a vendor must be registered on eMM.

Any firm, whether it is certified or not, may participate directly or indirectly in any bid or project proposal. Once a firm is certified through MDOT it may participate as an MBE on any State contract as an MBE Prime or that has a MBE participation goal, regardless of the agency.

Maryland Department of Transportation 

The web address is:  http://www.mdot.maryland.gov/newMDOT/MBE/Index.html


Terrapin Trader

The Severn Building 5245 Greenbelt Road, College Park, MD 20740
Phone: 301-405-5267

Logistical Services

Yes, Central Receiving in the Severn Building is the default delivery address for any large orders that can’t be received at your location due to size, weight, access by large trucks or need for a loading dock.  We have material handling equipment and can handle loads up to 4,000 pounds.  Just give us a heads-up that you’re sending someone our way and we’ll be happy to receive it for you. The address is 5245 Greenbelt Road, Docks 5-10.

We receive a truckload of office supplies every morning from Guy Brown and Rudolph’s.  Each box has a label with your delivery information on it and we sort them based on what the label says, so it’s important when you set up your account that you have your building number and room number as part of that information.  The easiest format to use is “Bldg#/ Room#”, for example “338/2113U”, and that’s where we’ll delivery your order.


Absolutely, give them to one of our delivery drivers when they deliver your office supplies or send a fax to x49255 with your request and the location of the cartridges and we’ll grab them next time we’re in your office.

Step #1 is to sign up online at UPS.com or Fedex.com or call the customer service numbers, UPS 888-742-5877, Fedex 800-463-3339.  All accounts are paid with your department purchasing card.  Step  #2 is to contact Doug Waterman at x55852 or dwaterma@umd.edu and provide your new account number and we’ll get you added to the discount program.



Our Concur FAQs are being updated constantly. Please see this list of current Travel FAQs,