Designated Non-Capital Assets (DNCA)

DNCA is defined as any device that stores and processes data with a purchase price under $5,000. Due to the data they contain and the portability of DCNAs, DNCAs present a theft and data security risk.  Guidelines were established to address these issues. Purchase of any DNCA must follow these guidelines, regardless of cost.

Guidelines from VPF:

DNCA are defined as:

  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Cell phones
  • Servers (under $5,000)

Preferred procurement methods are:

  • Shell Shop
  • Delegated Purchase Order (PO)



  • DNCAs are NOT to be purchased using a Pcard.

When this is the only purchase option available, the DNCA charge must be reallocated to the correct object code:

  • 4360-laptops/desktops
  • 3285-cell phones
  • 3956-tablets
  • 4362-servers

 All DCNAs must be tagged and recorded in the DNCA Asset Database (Service Now's Hardware Asset Workspace).  Tags are available by email request from the  Controller’s Office (

Pcard-holders who purchase DNCA on their Pcard will be subject to additional audits and will be required to justify the exception.