Shell Shop

Shell Shop is the University’s online catalog ordering system that is integrated with the Financial system. Shell Shop can be used for the purchase of goods and services for University business only. The primary use of Shell Shop is catalog shopping using established strategic contracts. Campus departments can also use Shell Shop for non-catalog purchases and includes requisition creation, workflow approvals, and purchase order issuance for UMD catalog vendors. 

There are four roles associated with access to Shell Shop or to use Shell Shop:

  • Shopper - has access to catalogs and can create, fill and forward shopping carts.  All shopping carts created by Shoppers must be forwarded to an assigned Requester. Shoppers need to know who their assigned Requester is.
  • Authorized Shell Shop Representative - can request access for new Requesters and Approvers in Shell Shop.
  • Requester - can also create, fill and submit a shopping cart and add accounting details to shopping carts. All shopping carts, if not created by the Requester, must be forwarded to the Requester for completion and submission for approval.
  • Approver - reviews the requested action and accounting details and has the ability to update, approve or disapprove the purchase.

Once a purchase is approved, an electronic purchase order is generated and submitted to the supplier.

Shopper access is required to create, fill and forward shopping carts for accounting details and approval.

To obtain Shopper access, email The Shell Shop Team needs three business days to process the request. The new shopper will receive a welcome message and training guide via email when access is complete.

Authorized Shell Shop department representatives can request access for a new requester or approver using the "New/Update User Request" form.  Approvers have authority to approve financial expenditures on behalf of the department (usually fiscal officers in the Financial system).

 Shell Shop staff will process New User/Update Requests by verifying the information and adding the new requester or approver to the system. Three business days are required to process requester/approver access.  A welcome message and training guide will be sent to the new requester/approver and the Authorized Shell Shop department representative.

Procurement & Business Services offers training and support to all campus Shell Shop users. Contact us at or 301-314-3776 for further assistance.


Shell Shop


Airgas Chemical & Gas Distribution

Paul Hamilton

B&H Photo Video

 Photo, video, pro-audio, computers, peripherals, optics, and home/mobile electronics

Jason Schwartz


 Hardware, Software, Services & Support

Mike Millea


 Hardware, Software, Services & Support

Margi Rodriguez


 Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Supplies

Ryan Beatty

 Fisher Scientific

 Medical Equipment, Analytical Instruments, Consumables, Software and Services

Mike McGeeney


 Hardware, Software, Services & Support

Brian Bythrow


 Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Supplies

Clarence Jeffers


 Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Supplies

Wade Adams

 Guy Brown

 Office Supplies

 Brian Long


 Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Supplies


 MSC Industrial Supply

 Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Supplies

Christina Merkel

 Neta Scientific

 Laboratory Chemicals and Supplies

Anushk Gupta

New England Biolabs

 Enzymes for Molecular Biology Applications and Recombinant and Native Enzymes for Genomic Research

Ben Barone

Rudolph’s Office Supply

 Office Supplies

Will Tallent


 Laboratory Equipment, Chemicals, Supplies and Services used in Scientific Research, Healthcare, Safety, and Education

Aparna Ramarathnam


 Fiber Optics, Laser Diodes, Optical Instrumentation and Polarization Measurement & Control

Rebecca Nevins

VWR International

 Pharmaceutical and biotechnology advanced technologies

Brian Dulin