If the Requisition has routed to Procurement to be processed please refer the suppler to the assigned Procurement staff member and to contact Procurement with any questions or concerns.

It may be best to call the Department of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing and speak with a staff member. Explain the nature of the emergency and what documents you have provided attached to the Requisition. 

Contracts must be reviewed and signed by someone with signature authority. Contact the Department of Procurement and Business Services if you have a contract that needs to be signed for the purchase of goods and/or services. If the contract relates to research, contact the Office of Research Administration (ORA). For any other contract, check with your department administrative or business officer or contact the Office of General Counsel for assistance.

If the Purchase Order has the Contract Manager listed as ‘user,kuali’ those requests can be emailed to: POAmendments@umd.edu.

If the Purchase Order lists a staff member as the Contact Manager the request to change or modify the Purchase Order should be emailed directly to that staff member.

KFS Training is available now, and campus users have access to an online tutorials for Printing and Reprinting a Purchase Order. Online tutorials are accessed using the Training link on the KFS Website at: https://kualifinancial.umd.edu/KFS/index.html

Each waiver request is granted on a one time case by case basis and is not good for future purchases. Verbal requests will not be accepted.

Below is the required information:
1. Items requested for purchase
2. Quantity of each product
3. Competitor name
4. Competitor price
5. Photos and specifications of competitor products

Fax requests to Sales at (410) 540-5569 or email to: Jim Hook, Sales Manager at james.hook@maryland.gov

You will receive a response within a maximum of 3 business days.

If approved - you will receive written notification.

If denied - you will receive written notification with a quote form attached indicating the MCE product that meets your desired specification.

MCE is the preferred provider entity as required by Maryland law, in the Annotated Code of Maryland. MCE provides quality furniture, products and services for use by government and non-profit agencies. The program has been shown to reduce recidivism, reduce the cost of incarceration and provide effective pre-release job training for inmates returning into society.

The University of Maryland College Park is exclusively a Pepsi campus - which means that any and all beverages provided or served on campus property must be manufactured or distributed by Pepsi. This includes drinks for sale or provided at no cost, including bottled water.

This requirement does not apply to dairy products; bottled water in containers larger than 1 gallon; alcoholic beverages, fresh brewed coffee and tea; and freshly made to order juices; OR to beverages purchased by individuals for their own consumption.


This policy applies to all campus programs, meetings, catered events, athletic and recreational competitions for students, faculty or staff.

Major Approved Pepsi Brands include:
Aqua Fina Bottled Water
Lipton Bottled Teas
Starbuck's Bottled Coffees
Dole Juices
Tropicana Juices
Life WTR
Muscle Milk
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and their various flavors
Mountain Dew and its various flavors
Sierra Mist
Dr Pepper
Schweppes Ginger Ale and mixers
Voss Water
Bubbly Flavored Sparkling Water 

Bottled water in containers smaller than 1 gallon may not be purchased through campus office supply or water cooler contracts. Distribution of individual bottled water must be Aqua Fina brand.