Secure Transmission Methods

When creating new vendor records in KFS, departments need to obtain W-8/W-9s from guests in a secure manner. UMD provides two ways this can be done, by using or Secure Share. This process only needs to be undertaken one time per individual guest for reimbursement.


Box File Request

Use the “File Request” feature to request and receive W-8s/W-9s securely from guests. The system allows access by multiple people to the same folder.

Note: This is a blind drop, guests will not be able to see files upload by other guests. 

1. Log-in to, create a folder (“New+” on upper right).

2. Give permissions to this folder to appropriate departmental contacts who process W-8s/W-9s.

3. Click on the three dots next to the folder (“More Options”), and choose File Request.

4. A pop-up will open. Copy the link that is presented.  This is the link that will be sent to guest travelers.

  • If desired, you can customize the page that guests will see by clicking on the Edit button at the bottom.

5. Email the guest the link from Step 4 to request the necessary document. The guest will be able to use that link to upload their W-8/W-9.

For more information, see the FAQ from UMD's IT Service Desk


Secure Share

Secure Share can be used to request and receive sensitive documents securely. As of 3/17/2022, it only supports sending documents to individual’s email addresses, NOT shared email accounts.

1. The department should prepare a message to the guest traveler explaining the need for their W-8/W-9 in order to be reimbursed.

  • Log-in to Secure Share and send this message to the guest.

2. The guest will receive an email with the message, a link, and directions about how to securely upload the W-8/W-9.

3. Once the guest uploads the W-8/W-9, the sender will be notified via email and can go to Secure Share to download the documents.

For further detail, see Secure Share FAQ from UMD’s IT Service Desk: “Request a file be shared with you”