All High Performance Liquid Chromatography (LC's), Gas Chromatorgaphy (GC's), Capillary Electrophoresis  (CE), Mass Spectrometry (MS), and Atomic (ICP-OES, Atomic Absorption) and Molecular spectroscopy (UV-vis spectrometers, fluorimeters, FTIR) products.  This contract does not cover Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment.    

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Contact Layle Barbacci at 1-866-892-6563 or cell: 1-717-814-1789, email: for pricing and/or place orders, answer technical questions, or if you need prices on large ticket items.

This contract will remain in effect until terminated.

Agilent may, from time to time, add products to or delete products from the product exhibits, change list prices and discounts, or implement special promotional programs, at Agilent's discretion.

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