Avant Garde Scientific, Inc. is a Maryland based company since 1989, specializing in the sale, service, and installation of sterilizers, washers, and other equipment used in the lab animal and lab research facilities.

Contact Tim Holden at 301-414-2351 for pricing for all standard and customized services.

  • Scope of work includes a scheduled, quarterly inspection plan-complete with service check sheets recommended or required by equipment manufacturer. Any subsequent contract will be all-inclusive to include all labor, materials, supplies, equipment, and tools required to perform the services identified in Section 3.0 Contract Services.
  • All services are to be performed during the hours of 8 am to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday, excluding university holidays, unless directed otherwise by the using department.
  • All state agencies under the University System of Maryland (USM) are eligible to participate.
  • The University of Maryland reserves the right to extend the contract resulting from the award of the RFQ for up to three additional 1-year periods with the same terms and conditions, provided funds are made available.

Tim Holden, General Manager



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