This agreement establishes an indefinite quantity, indefinite delivery (IDIQ) contract with Guy Brown LLC for the purchase of over 26,000 office supply items. Please note: If not utilizing Shell Shop departments must first register with UMD Stores to begin using this contract.

Shell Shop Ordering Information

Guy Brown is available as a punchout catalog in Shell Shop.

Shell Shop is an eProcurement System that allows users to purchase goods and services from University suppliers. This website offers a similar experience as an online retail website with the advantage of showing approved vendors, contracts, products and pricing. Please click the link below to login.
Shell Shop

Although Shell Shop is the preferred ordering method, purchasers may utilize a KFS requisition or Purchasing card when appropriate.

Department Responsibility: You are reminded that it is the responsibility of the using Department to monitor purchase orders made against the Vendor Contract for consistency with the items, prices and terms of the contract. Only those items and/or services included under the scope of the contract are to be purchased from the Vendor Contract.


Ordering Information (Outside of Shell Shop)

Instructions for ordering (Outside of Shell Shop):

Departments must first complete an Authorization form and register with Stores before they can place orders. This will ensure proper contract pricing and terms and correct charges assigned to your department. After Departments become registered with Stores they can begin to place orders via the Guy Brown website at the following URL:

  • The Authorization Form requires a department chart and account which will be used to place orders under this contact. Orders under the contract will be billed against the department account information provided if the Purchasing Card option is not selected.
  • Optional use of the UMD Visa Purchasing Card up to $5,000.  The purchase will be included on your monthly Visa statement/Log. There is no other paperwork.
  • Use of the KFS Requisition is prohibited under this Contract at any dollar level with the exception of MCCBL funds.

The following restrictions apply regarding the use of Federal Funds:

  • By issuing a purchase order against a Vendor Contract, the person issuing the purchase order certifies that sufficient authorized funds are available and, in accordance with Federal OMB Circular A 110, existing equipment has been screened and is not available for use.
  • If you are placing and order using FEDERAL FUNDS (Grant or Contract) you MUST notify Guy Brown prior to placing any orders in which Federal Funds are to be used. Notice should be provided to Guy Brown via email to:

Use KFS Contract number 12364

Desktop delivery is provided by UMD Stores. Orders are normally next day delivery. There is no delivery charge for standard orders. Some special or custom orders may include additional service charges.

For account setup questions please contact UMD Stores for assistance:

Main Line: (301) 405-7337
General E-mail:


Sabrina Zirk

National Account Manager

C: 201.315.3077

Johnson, Brennita     

General Goods and Services Coordinator     

(301) 405-5829  

Shell Shop Team
(301) 314-3776