I. Miller Microscopes is a family owned and operated microscope sales & service business, now in its 4th generation.  Founded by Irv Miller in 1936, they have been serving the educational, industrial, and clinical microscope markets for over 80 years. 

I. Miller is the regional exclusive Leica dealer for NY, PA, MD, NJ, VA, DC, and DE.  They can also provide any other brands you are looking for!

They also specialize in the service and cleaning of every microscope brand & model to help maintain your system in good working condition.  And with the largest microscope repair inventory in the U.S., I. Miller is your go-to source for replacement parts.   

Departments may place Automatic Purchase Orders up to $50,000 and send these purchase Orders Directly to the Vendor.

Orders over $50,000 (or $5,000 for sponsored funds) are subject to review by Procurement & Business Services.

This contract offers the following Leica microscopes with applicable discounts:

  1. DM Series Compound Microscopes (DM1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000, 12000) and Accessories 
  2. Educational Microscopes DM100, DM300, DM500, DM750 and E Series Stereo Zooms (EZ) 
  3. DM750POL 
  4. A and S Series Stereo Zoom’s 
  5. M Series Stereomicroscopes 
  6. Z Series Microscopes
  7. DMS300/1000 Zoom Digital Microscopes 

Name:  Lynn Lucht

Phone: 610-608-4332

Email:  Lynn.Lucht@imillermicroscopes.com

Fax:  215-925-8374 

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Scientific Buyer     

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