OmegaCor Technologies can provide an array of IT Hardware and related services and software to campus users.

Departments may use this contract to order Desktop Computers, Data Storage Devices, Server Class Hardware, Network Hardware, and Peripherals.

OmegaCor Technologies may offer the brands and associated discounts listed here:

Other MEEC Vendors may be found here:

Departments may place Automatic Purchase Orders up to $50,000 and send these purchase orders directly to the vendor.

Orders over $50,000 (or $5,000 for sponsored funds) are subject to review by Procurement and Business Services.

Ordering Information

Users can request pricing to the Vendor's sales email address,, 443-795-6500 X125

Use KFS Contract # 12156

Paul Matthias

Stewart, Niyoka

IT Procurement Coordinator  

(301) 405-5859