Shell Shop Ordering Information

ThermoFisher is available as a punchout catalog in Shell Shop.

Shell Shop is an eProcurement System that allows users to purchase goods and services from University suppliers. This website offers a similar experience as an online retail website with the advantage of showing approved vendors, contracts, products and pricing. 



Shell Shop


Please note: Although Shell Shop is the preferred ordering method, purchasers may utilize a KFS requisition or Purchasing card when appropriate.



Contract prices are based on a discount off the list price and available from Life Technologies through the website once you are registered.

Click “Attachments I & II” for discount schedules including:

  1. Consumables & supplies (reagents)
  2. Instruments
  3. Software
  4. Service


Users can request pricing by contacting the contact person listed in vendor contact.

Departments may place Automatic Purchase Orders up to $50,000 and send these purchase orders Directly to the Vendor.

Orders over $50,000 (or $5,000 for sponsored funds) are subject to review by Procurement and Business Services.

Under this contract the contractor, Life Technologies, cannot accept certain FAR clauses.

  1. From time to time, releases will be funded by funds from federal grants, contracts, or subcontracts. Those releases will be subject to federal FAR flow-down terms and conditions. In the event that the federal government includes in a prime contract a required flow-down FAR provision and university is aware that contractor cannot accept such provision, including CAS accounting and cost related provisions, the university will identify another contractor to fill procurements under that prime contract.


  1. If University is uncertain as to whether contractor can accept a required flow-down FAR provision, university shall forward the provision to contractor’s Federal Contracts Team at for review in order to determine contractor’s ability to comply. Contractor will notify university as to whether it can accept a required flow-down FAR provision within 3 business days. If contractor cannot accept the FAR provision or does not notify university within the required time period, university will identify another contractor to fill procurements under that prime contract.


  1. All state agencies under USM institutions are eligible to participate.

Contact Information

See the three representatives below depending on what product/service you need to purchase.

Consumables and reagents:

Maria Noutsou,

(443) 430-4757

Instruments and software:

Jose Gutierrez

(240) 416-7036

Instrument service and maintenance plans

Jenny Ross

(916) 625-9422

General inquiries:

Customer Service


Shell Shop Team

(301) 314-3776