Purchasing Guidelines

Cellular wireless services and equipment are available from Verizon Wireless to the UMD community. These services include university accounts as well as those for students, faculty, and staff. Services and equipment include cellular telephones, cases, batteries, power cords, chargers, text messaging, voice mail, e-mail, etc. 

Ordering Information

Follow this link to make cellphone purchases and find out current discount promotions.

Additional Information > Service Catalog > Communications & Collaboration > Cellular Phone Discounts.

Access to Cellular Services Administration and Billing is provided by your cellular vendor and is restricted to Department Cellular Representatives (DCRs).  

Vendor Contact

Samba Marah
Federal Government & Non-Profit Account Manager
Phone: (202) 253-8877

Johnson, Brennita     

General Goods and Services Coordinator     

(301) 405-5829