The University of Maryland Contract No. 88380RE allows you to order equipment, safety products and chemicals for scientific research and teaching from two vendors,  VWR International and Fisher Scientific.  Anything in the VWR catalog or VWR website, with the exception of laboratory furniture, can be ordered using this vendor contract. 

Shell Shop Ordering Information

VWR is available as a punchout catalog in Shell Shop.

Shell Shop is an eProcurement System that allows users to purchase goods and services from University suppliers. This website offers a similar experience as an online retail website with the advantage of showing approved vendors, contracts, products and pricing. 



Shell Shop


Although Shell Shop is the preferred ordering method, purchasers may utilize a KFS requisition or Purchasing card when appropriate.

This contract offers firm unit prices for everything in the catalog!  Contract prices are available from VWR through the buyer, or can be viewed on the VWR website www@vwr.com once you are registered.

Ordering Information (Outside of Shell Shop)

Contact Brian Dulin at 267-884-2350 for pricing and/or place orders, registration for the VWR website with university pricing, training in on-line ordering, have technical questions about equipment, chemicals, or if you should need prices on a large number of items.

Brian Dulin 



Shell Shop Team

(301) 314-3776