Purchase Order Amendments (POA) & Contract Modifications

POA Change Process and Documentation

Any time a campus department needs to make a change to a Purchase Order (PO) or contract, it must be documented. The Purchase Order Amendment (POA) is the method used to document changes to a PO and any corresponding contract documentation.  A contract modification may be required, in addition to the POA, depending upon the action being taken.   

Requests for making changes or updates to a PO that has been issued to a supplier must be submitted to Procurement using the PO Amendment Request form. Email to: poamendments@umd.edu

PO Amendment Request form:

FORMS | Buying


This form serves as written and documented consent from the budget holder allowing procurement to act on the behalf of the department as an agent of the university.


  • Add additional items or lines to an order
  • Increase or decrease the order dollar amount
  • Extend the end date of a PO or contract
  • Make changes to the items in the order
  • Change or update information regarding accounting or vendor information
  • Renew contracts (as determined appropriate and authorized by the procurement officer)

Contract modifications must be completed in writing and may require additional documentation in addition to the PO Amendment Request form.

When the PO dollar amount is increased, or a material change is made to the PO, completed POAs route through workflow for approval by the Fiscal Officer.  

A POA’s value may be significant enough to require additional approvals.  The Procurement Officer will advise the campus customer when these additional approvals are necessary and will manage the approval process.