Travel FAQs

Answers to common travel-related questions. Additional information can be found under Travel Procedures.

What if I do not book travel using Concur Travel or through Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP)?

Air and rail travel reservations made through other booking channels will not be considered official UMD-related travel and may not be reimbursable.

My travel is externally funded (not being paid or reimbursed through UMD). Do I still need to use Concur?

Travel that is paid for by others still requires pre-approval and a Travel Request must be completed with zero dollars as the cost for the trip. Note: This is different from sponsored research travel which is paid by UMD.

If I need assistance during travel who should I contact?

Contact Collegiate Travel Partners at 833-620-0714, or via email at for assistance in planning your travel.

Can I use Concur before my unit goes live with Concur?

No, due to UMD specific training that needs to be taken prior to accessing Concur.

Can I still use the old DBS website once my unit goes live with Concur?

No. Campus Departments who are live in Concur are to use the updated Travel Services-Concur web pages provided during training.

How do I get started with Concur (or refresh my memory about how to use it)?

Once your unit is enrolled in Concur, go to the Concur Help Center, where we have a series of job aids to walk you through the process. You can also sign up for Zoom training, watch a demo or view a pre-recorded training session.


Does Concur have an app (mobile application)?

Yes - to learn more, go to our Travel Arrangements Page and click Mobile Applications.

Are extra fees such as baggage fees and premium seating allowable?

Information about a wide variety of fees is included on our Travel Procedures page.

Does UMD have a travel agent?

Yes; visit our Travel Management Company page for contact information and hours.

How can I claim reimbursement for driving my personal vehicle?

Visit Travel Services’ Policies page and click Personal Vehicle Use


What is a Travel Card?

The Travel Card is a convenient and efficient method for UMD business travelers to purchase travel-related services, eliminating the need for out-of-pocket travel expenses and associated reimbursement. The Travel Card is a Mastercard that is issued by Diners Club. Learn more at our Travel Card page.

Do I have to get a Travel Card?

You are strongly encouraged to get a Travel Card for UMD business travel; it is the best way to handle the entire travel process. You may choose to pay for travel yourself and request reimbursement; however, you will have to file for reimbursement and will be out-of-pocket while you wait to be reimbursed.

If I already have a Tcard, can I continue to use it ? Do I need to do anything or does the card get replaced?

Current cardholders will continue to use their existing Tcard, however all cardholders will be required to take the Tcard Roles & Responsibilities training. The training is available in ELMS.

Can I pay for conference registrations, tuition, and memberships with my Tcard? 

Conference registration can be paid with the Tcard. Organizational memberships are to be paid using the Pcard. Tuition is to be paid for using the Tuition Remission process, not via Pcard or Tcard.

Can I charge fees for upgraded services to my Tcard?

No. Personal expenses are not to be paid for using the Tcard and are not allowable expenses. These include fees for TSA pre-check, expedited check-in, additional baggage, preferential seating and upgraded lodging, in room premium TV, etc.

Can I submit a per diem reimbursement request if meals are included at the meeting, conference or event I attended?

No. If a meal is provided a per diem is not to be claimed. If you choose to not join for the included meal, the cost of your meal elsewhere becomes a personal expense. Meals provided at conferences and events are typically part of the registration fee and UMD has already paid for your included meals.

When is in-state lodging allowable?

All travel, including in-state travel with an overnight stay, requires pre-approval.

Does in-state travel without an overnight stay require an approved Travel Request?

No, same-day travel in the state of Maryland and DMV area does not require a Travel Request.

Can I get reimbursed or use my Tcard to pay for food delivered to a residence?


What are the rules for per diems?

Visit Travel Services’ Policies page and click Meal Expenses; also check with your department regarding their procedures.

If a Travel Request is already approved but a change occurs (e.g. a flight got rescheduled, an extra taxi ride was taken) how do we make adjustments?

Travel Approval Request (TAR) Adjustments are no longer required. Differences between the approved Travel Request and the actual travel that occurred will be reflected in the Travel Expense Report.

If the dates of my international travel change after it has been approved, how is that handled?

If there is a change in the flight dates for international travel, the Travel Request is to be canceled and a new Travel Request with the corrected dates must be submitted. This will ensure the correct dates of travel are reflected for comprehensive international health insurance coverage.

How can I use Tripit to help manage my travel?

Tripit is an app (mobile application) that works with Concur to help the traveler manage their itinerary.  To learn more, go to our Travel Arrangements page and click Mobile Applications.

What if I have to cancel my trip?

Information about trip cancellation is included on our Travel Procedures page.

Is it possible to include personal travel with my trip?

UMD travelers can add days for personal travel but the additional cost must be paid for by the employee. For example, if an employee is traveling to a conference and would like to extend the stay by several days but the cost of the ticket to return later is greater, the employee is responsible for the difference in the cost of the flight in addition to all other expenses associated with personal travel.

Can I take a companion on my trip?

Companion or family travel is allowable, but only the employee's business travel will be paid for by UMD. All companion expenses are the responsibility of the employee.

Can I pay for the COVID-19 or any other required medical test with my Tcard or get reimbursed?

When traveling from the UMD area, travelers are expected to make a reasonable effort to use UMD’s free Covid-19 testing and vaccination resources. Covid-19 tests required for re-entry to the U.S. per CDC regulations/guidelines can be paid for using a Tcard and are an allowable expense for the UMD traveler. Any other medical tests must be specified as necessary by CDC regulations in order to be reimbursed for the cost. You may submit to Concur the cost of tests required for re-entry into the U.S. while in a travel status; the test must be taken for this specific purpose, according to CDC regulations