Logistical Services

Yes, Central Receiving in the Severn Building is the default delivery address for any large orders that can’t be received at your location due to size, weight, access by large trucks or need for a loading dock.  We have material handling equipment and can handle loads up to 4,000 pounds.  Just give us a heads-up that you’re sending someone our way and we’ll be happy to receive it for you. The address is 5245 Greenbelt Road, Docks 5-10.

We receive a truckload of office supplies every morning from Guy Brown and Rudolph’s.  Each box has a label with your delivery information on it and we sort them based on what the label says, so it’s important when you set up your account that you have your building number and room number as part of that information.  The easiest format to use is “Bldg#/ Room#”, for example “338/2113U”, and that’s where we’ll delivery your order.


Absolutely, give them to one of our delivery drivers when they deliver your office supplies or send a fax to x49255 with your request and the location of the cartridges and we’ll grab them next time we’re in your office.

Step #1 is to sign up online at UPS.com or Fedex.com or call the customer service numbers, UPS 888-742-5877, Fedex 800-463-3339.  All accounts are paid with your department purchasing card.  Step  #2 is to contact Doug Waterman at x55852 or dwaterma@umd.edu and provide your new account number and we’ll get you added to the discount program.