Federally Funded Delegated Order Procedures

Effective June 30, 2021
Delegated Purchase Orders in Kuali Financial System (KFS)
  • Federally funded procurements typically require additional terms and conditions, often referred to as provisions, that are associated with Federal Contracts, Grants, or Cooperative Agreements. The University is expected to “flow down” these provisions to contractors and suppliers when placing orders that involve Federal funding.
  • To ensure compliance with Federal requirements, the KFS Requisition document has been modified to include a Provision dropdown box on the Vendor Tab under Vendor Info. The Provision box should only be used with delegated Federally funded procurement activities.
    • The Provision box allows the requisitioner to select the provision based on the type of Federal funding being used (Federal Contract or Federal Grant/Cooperative Agreement).
    • When a provision is selected, KFS will auto-fill the “Notes to Vendor” field on the Purchase Order as follows:
Provision Auto-fill language in Notes to Vendor on the Purchase Order

Grant/Cooperative Agreement

This is a Federally-funded procurement under a Grant or Cooperative Agreement. Reference https://purchase.umd.edu/umd-federal-uniform-guidance-flowdown provisions for additional terms and conditions that apply to this purchase.

Federal Contract

This is a Federally-funded procurement under a Contract with the US Government. Reference https://purchase.umd.edu/umd-federal-government-flowdown-provisions for additional terms and conditions that apply to this purchase.

Delegated Purchase Orders Using Shell Shop
  • When placing orders using Shell Shop catalogs, no further actions are required, as the Federal Provisions have been pre-negotiated into vendors’ contracts.

  • When placing non-catalog Shell Shop orders, for all Order Types of Sponsored Funds, a Federal Provisions field has been added which includes a drop down for Federal Grant/Cooperative Agreement or Federal Contract Provisions.

  • The Requester should select the Federal Provision based on the Sponsored funding source as follows:

Type of Federal Funding

Federal Provision

Grants/Cooperative Agreement

This PO is funded by a Federal Grant/Cooperative, reference

Federal Contract

This PO is funded by a Federal Contract, reference


Effective June 21, 2021

Documentation to be retained for both KFS and Shell Shop Purchase Orders

Documentation including, but not limited to, vendor quotations, email correspondence associated with the procurement, and other related documents must be retained in accordance with UMD Retention Schedules.

Delegated Procurements requiring a signed document

Campus departments must email any contracts, agreements, license agreements, quotations, or documents that require signature to delegatedprocurement@umd.edu for review, negotiation of terms, and signature. The signed document will be sent back to the requesting department, either to accompany the purchase order or to be sent separately to the supplier. In these instances, the purchase order may not be issued until the agreement is completed.


All Purchase Orders (POs) must be issued in advance of order placement to ensure the university is not out of compliance with regard to unauthorized or “after the fact” procedures. Issuing orders after the items and invoice have been received is a direct violation of UMD policies and procedures.