Design Services Process

Design Services will collaborate with clients to create compelling print and digital materials. Please reference this page for what to expect during the

design process.


  1. Submit a Design Request

    To get started, submit a design request.

  2. Getting Started

    A designer will reach out to gather information about your project needs and goals. If needed, a cost estimate will be provided. In order to get started with the design you will need to send a Word document or PDF with your text for the project. Please also provide any necessary photos, or let us know what images you are looking for.

  3. Design, Proof and Review

    A PDF proof will be sent to you for review. Please review the proof carefully. Any requested content or design modifications will be made and an updated proof will be sent for review again. Most projects require less than three rounds of proofs before being approved. Please allow 1-2 working days for the designer to make small edits and 2-4 working days for more extensive edits.

    How To Provide Edits

    If possible, please make edits on the proof itself by opening the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat, opening the “Comment” tab and making comments or mark-ups on the PDF, save the file and send it back to us. Please do not use the “Edit” tab in Adobe Acrobat. If you prefer, sending an email with a detailed list of changes is also an option.

  4. Final Approval

    The project will be considered approved once you have carefully reviewed the final proof and verified that all text and graphic elements are correct.

  5. Printing and Fulfillment

    Upon final approval of a project that needs printing, the designer will send a print-ready file to Printing Services for production. A customer service team member from Printing Services will work with you and Design Services to follow the project through to delivery.

  6. Billing

    Please provide a KFS number for billing. Other methods of payment include credit card and check.