Concur Video Training Transcripts: Introduction

intro text

00:00:28:15 - 00:00:55:08

So Concur. As I mentioned, your request, which is equivalent to the TAR, will be done in Concur, and your booking will also be able to be done in Concur and expense reports, which is equivalent to TES, will also be done in Concur along with travel card expenses. Currently, if you have a travel card, you are using TCMS to reconcile those expenses.

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Once you're in Concur, you will do all of those in Concur.

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So it is a cloud based platform. You need internet to connect to it. The Concur mobile app is available if you wish to use it. You don't have to, but it's available if you want to. TripIt is an itinerary-managing app. Again, it's available to you, but you don't have to use it if you don't want to.

00:01:29:10 - 00:02:01:02

And we are pulling data directly from PHR, which is the current HR system and KFS, which is the current financial system. Once Workday goes live, Concur will be pulling data from Workday. So, receipts I will go over a little bit when we go over the profile set up, but you do not need hard copies of your receipts anymore.

00:02:01:18 - 00:02:39:20

You can just take pictures of them and then we'll show you how you can attach them to expenses while you're working on the report later. We do have a new website and we'll show you that towards the end of the demo. Terminology within Concur - so as I mentioned, if you're familiar with ELF, the TAR is known as a request in Concur and the TES in ELF is known as an expense report in Concur. For both of these once they are fully approved, nothing can be changed on them.

00:02:40:02 - 00:03:10:23

But while they are going through the approval process, either the person that submitted them can recall the form to make changes on it, or one of the approvers can also send it back to the user to fix something on it. But once they're fully approved, nothing can be adjusted on them. It's for one request. There should be one report.

00:03:10:23 - 00:03:55:22

So reimbursements, any out-of-pocket reimbursements by you and the employees during their travel, once they put those expenses on an expense report and submit it, those reimbursements will be paid out via payroll to your paychecks. Now, if you end up owing money to the university, you will still need to write a check and then pay back the university that way, and then for people being paid 22 pay periods during the year, so during the summer, you're not on payroll,

00:03:57:16 - 00:04:22:06

The process will remain the same. The state wouldn't change their process. So you will either have to wait until pay period four or within Concur you will submit a guest expense report for yourselves, if you really need to submit it within that small frame when you're not on payroll. But we'll dive into this a little bit more once we get closer to summer.

00:04:22:11 - 00:04:58:09

So, premium seating, this is new. So with department approvals, when a single leg of the trip exceeds 5 hours of flight time or when the scheduled flight time, including non overnight stopovers and change of planes, is in excess of 14 hours. The upgrade, you will be able to book up to business class according to what the department has approved.

00:04:58:09 - 00:05:32:01

So there are multiple conditions that can be met. I’ll again, show you on the website when we go over it later on. But this is something new and available to people. For per diem rates for meals, once you're in Concur, you will be using the federal GSA rates for both domestic and international trips. And then we'll show you how Concur is automatically calculating the per diems on the back end for you when we go over the requests and everything.

00:05:33:06 - 00:05:59:10

So travel cards. If you already have a travel card, you do not need to apply for a new one. If you are going to apply for a travel card since you don't have one currently, you apply through Concur and then we'll go over that later. So as I mentioned, travel card expenses will go directly into your Concur account.

00:06:01:07 - 00:06:42:18

Travelers can upload receipts directly to Concur and this is new as well. Currently reconciling your travel card transactions in TCMS you follow the billing cycle. That will no longer be the case. Once you're back from your trip, you will have 30 days to submit your expense report for that trip. If that expense report has reimbursements on it, if the report is not only approved within 90 days after the trip is over, those reimbursements will become taxable income.

00:06:42:18 - 00:07:08:04

And this is according to federal guidelines. So please keep that in mind. And then again, no more monthly billing cycles for travel card expenses. You'll be reconciling travel card expenses on your expense reports whenever you are back from a trip. Once you have your travel card or if you already have one, you can log into the bank system to get your statements.

00:07:08:17 - 00:07:45:20

And there are two reasons for this. You want to verify your transactions and you want to catch fraudulent activity on the card. It's just the best way to catch fraudulent activity on a credit card. So the approval process in Concur, this is a standardized process that the university put in place. So whenever something is submitted in Concur, the first approval will be routed to that person's primary supervisor.

00:07:45:20 - 00:08:21:21

According to PHR. Once that supervisor approves a form, whether it's a request or report, the fiscal officer, the primary fiscal officer of the KFS account being used on the form will be the second approval step. So if that KFC account is a sponsored research account it will then go to the PI for a third approval. So again, this is something the university put in place to standardize the approval process in Concur.

00:08:22:20 - 00:09:00:09

If any one of these approvers have dual roles, they will only have to approve it once. But again, this is something that cannot be changed. This is what the university put in place. So that is what the approval process looks like. Within Concur, there are currency conversions, so you no longer have to provide currency conversion information if you submit expenses and then we'll show you what that looks like when we work on the expense report.

00:09:01:23 - 00:09:32:06

So once you are in Concur, you will also be using a new travel agency. They are called Collegiate Travel Planners or CTP for short and then we’ll show you where their information is on the website later. So again, meal per diem rates, we're using the federal GSA rates. Group meals are still actual costs, so up to double the per diem rate for the hosting policy.

00:09:33:03 - 00:10:01:17

And on your travel days, which are your departure days and your return days, the federal guideline is to keep the per diem allowance for those days at 75%. And then you will also see this when we jump into the expense report. And then any Concur inquiries you can send over to this email address. And then we have the phone number here.

00:10:01:20 - 00:10:22:07

Again, I can show you where that information is on the website. And again, this is our user support. We have open office hours during these days and times and then we have a weekly demo every Thursday. Again, we'll go over this when we go to the website and show you where all that is.


00:00:01:11 - 00:00:26:20

As I mentioned, when you first log into Concur, you will need to complete your user profile. You do not need to memorize anything that you're going to see. There will be job aids available. And then again, I'll show you where those are on the website. So this is just to kind of give you a visual on what it will look like.

00:00:27:09 - 00:00:57:21

So once you log in, you will click on profile and then profile settings. Now you will not be able to log in until your go-live. So if your school has not gone live yet, you will not be able to log in. So you click on personal information and you will be in your user profile. You will just keep scrolling and then following the job aid, you would just fill out anything that has the “required” tag.

00:00:59:05 - 00:01:18:09

And here we have the first section, is your name. Your middle name… mine's already been filled out. If you have a middle name, you will have a required tag. You will put in your middle name, full middle name. If you don't have one, there will be a checkbox saying that you do not have a middle name.

00:01:19:23 - 00:01:50:03

Your first name and last name. They are being pulled directly from PHR. If your legal name is not in PHR, please make sure you get that updated because this - your name in your Concur profile, in which I can edit my first and last name, this is is the name that will be used on tickets when you book in Concur or if you book with the travel agency.

00:01:50:14 - 00:02:19:23

So you need your full legal name on those tickets. So please make sure you check on that. And then here again, this is being pulled from PHR, your addresses here, work and home address. If you put them in, just please make sure you just put in text and numbers. There should be no punctuation marks or special characters in the addresses.

00:02:22:13 - 00:02:29:13

So here we have the work phone and the home phone that are required.

00:02:34:12 - 00:03:07:12

So here we have the phone numbers. You can put those in. Just please make sure there's no plus sign. And the job aid for the profile set up will show you the email verification process. So this is very important to do. If you don't verify your email address, it may cause some IT issues later on. So mine’s already been verified.

00:03:08:05 - 00:03:49:05

But you will have a verify button here. And when you click on that verify button, you will receive a code in your email that will be copied and pasted into a box that appears under this column. Once you do that and click okay, you will get this verified status. So other than some IT related issues, one of the biggest reasons you want to verify the email is utilizing this email address -

00:03:49:05 - 00:04:17:18

So what this is going to do or allow you to do is if you take a picture of your receipt during your trip, you can just forward that receipt, that picture you just took, to this email address. As long as you are using the verified email address to send it, to forward it to this address, that receipt will be uploaded into your Concur account.

00:04:18:00 - 00:04:22:24

And then it'll just sit there until you're ready to work on your expense report.

00:04:25:17 - 00:05:11:05

So email verification is very important. You can add as many email addresses as you want, but you just have to make sure you verify all of them. Here, emergency contact travel preferences. if you want to put in these travel preferences for yourself, you can do so, and frequent traveler programs. So here, if you're a member of any frequent traveler programs, if you click add a program, you will have this airfare, rail, car, rental and hotel.

00:05:11:19 - 00:05:22:01

So you can add your frequent traveler programs into your profile, and then I'll show you where that will pop up in the booking process.

00:05:24:12 - 00:05:55:09

So here you see the gender and date of birth are required fields. If you are a member of TSA PreCheck you can put that information in here, but any fees associated with TSA PreCheck or anything similar, I believe Global PreCheck is another one. They are considered personal expenses, so their fees cannot be put on travel cards and they cannot be reimbursed.

00:05:56:14 - 00:06:29:13

But if you're a member and you want to utilize that, you can. You’re able to add your passport and visa information into your profile. And here you can add your credit cards. So if you have a travel card, if you will be getting one, once you get it, or you can add it to your profile and then you can add as many personal credit cards as you want, then I'll show you again during the booking tool where your credit cards will show up.

00:06:30:09 - 00:07:02:21

So once you go through the profile, fill out all the required fields, verify your email address here, you can click and do everything else you can click save on anywhere. It'll save everything that you've done on the page. And then the last thing the job aid will tell you to do during the profile setup is to go to other settings on the left and you'll see e-receive activation.

00:07:03:03 - 00:07:44:08

So once you click that, you’ll have an enable button (mine has already been enabled). So that's why you don't see it. But you have an enable button. And what this is going to do is when you book in Concur with one of the partners of Concur. So if an airline is a participating partner with Concur for this e-receipt function, when that expense shows up in your Concur account, it will already have a receipt attached to it.

00:07:45:09 - 00:08:11:23

So again, this isn’t for all vendors that you work with, but if you see an expense come through and there's an e-receipt attached to it, you will know that they were a participating partner. If some expenses come through with the vendor and there is no receipt attached to it, that just means they're not participating. And this receipt function is just a nice little quality of life thing.

00:08:11:23 - 00:08:32:04

So when you do book with one of those partners, you have that e-receipt attached already. And once you do this, this is a final step on the job aid, once you do the e-receipt activation, you'll be done with your profile set up. But that email verification, again, is very important.


00:00:00:12 - 00:00:44:09

For travel cards, if you want to apply for a travel card because you don't have one, you will apply to concur. So you want to click on requests at the top and then create a new request, and then you'll see this pop up. Here you see this request type at the top. Since this is a card request, we're going to choose card request and update and it'll change the fields on the window.

00:00:45:22 - 00:01:12:24

And this is where we'll just fill out some information. So we do ask that for your travel card application, your request, how you put your legal name and Tcard so your approvers and auditors will be able to tell what this request was for. So it's easily identifiable - request date, which must be the date that you're putting in this request…

00:01:14:00 - 00:01:47:04

User type, I'm staff so I’ll choose staff. Reason for the request, here you see three options. But we are requesting for a new credit card, so we'll choose number one. The campus will already be filled out, and then the KFS is what we’ll want to put in. So here you only need the seven digits of the KFS account number…

00:01:48:00 - 00:02:17:23

And then once you put that in, it will fill it out for you. So you just click that and that will fill that field for you. Now, on this travel card application in Concur, this KFS field will not affect any of your future requests or expense reports. This is only here on this request for the travel card…

00:02:18:12 - 00:02:47:13

So a fiscal officer can review and approve the request. The KFS number on your request and expense reports for trips in the future, that KFS number you put on those requests or expense reports are the ones that will be used for those trips. But this KFS number on the travel card application won't affect anything else in the future.

00:02:48:05 - 00:02:57:01

And if you want to leave any comments for your approvers, you can leave your comments in this field. And we will then create request.

00:03:00:17 - 00:03:15:09

And here we want to click on add and you will see four options - again, this is a new credit card request. We're not trying to update or change anything, we’ll choose number one.

00:03:17:13 - 00:03:49:18

And then we will have some fields here. So the reason for the card, whether you're an infrequent traveler, frequent or international traveler, or if you're in charge of expenses for events or hosting. So we just choose the reason, put in your phone number and then you’ll have your monthly credit card limit selection here. So this is like any other credit card, the travel card has a monthly limit.

00:03:50:05 - 00:04:21:07

So you’ll choose your limit. Now, if you are in charge of events and hosting and you know you need to be spending more than $50,000 that month, you can choose other, put in the amount. And then you will need to provide a reason as to why you need a limit over 50,000. So that's not too common…

00:04:21:11 - 00:05:01:22

But there are instances. So we're just choosing limit and we'll click save. And once you are back here, all you do is submit the request. So once you submit the request, it's going to go through that standardized approval workflow. However, for travel card requests, travel card requests will come to our office for final approval. Once we verify some information and then approve it on our end, what happens is overnight the person that submitted it will receive an email from Concur.

00:05:03:09 - 00:05:24:24

It will have instructions on the online training that has to be completed to receive the travel card. Once that's completed and you notify us, we'll check if your card is here. If it's here, we'll send you pick up instructions. Or if you're off campus, we'll send it over to you.

00:05:27:03 - 00:05:41:01

So that's the travel card. Again, there's a job aid for this. You don't need to memorize anything, but that's how you would apply for a travel card if you do not have one. If you already have one, please, again, do not apply for a new one.


00:00:00:07 - 00:00:41:12

So if you know you are going to be traveling, you’ll put in a request before you make any bookings. So you need an approved request. So here again, you'll click on requests and then click on create new request. Request type, you are traveling now, so you want to make sure that the request type is set to the travel and hosting request type and then the trip name again, something that's easily identifiable.

00:00:41:21 - 00:01:23:21

So something like this. The conference acronym and month and year or something like that. It's just something that's easily identifiable by everyone. You can just name this request and here you'll put in your start date for the trip, and then the end date for the trip.

00:01:27:02 - 00:01:59:07

Trip purpose - there are a good amount of options here, so if none of the options work for you and you want to go into a little more detail, you can choose other and then leave more information in the comments field or in the detail business field. Destination, we'll just say if you type in the city, concur should start pulling out cities from what you're typing.

00:01:59:23 - 00:03:00:09

So if I do Paris it’ll show Paris France. Traveler type, again what what type of employee you are if you are one, and here you select your trip type. Now, for the first option in state no overnight stay trips they do not require approve requests, you could you can just submit expense reports for these types of trips. For options two, three and four in state with overnight stay trips, out of state trips, international trips, you do need an approved request in the system in order to submit the expense report for that trip. For these types of trips…

00:03:00:18 - 00:03:46:07

If the expense report is not linked to an approved request, you won't be able to submit the report. So it's also just UMD policy that you have an approved request for these types of trips. And also insurance is the other big reason you want approved requests for these types of trips, for domestic trips, if you are on a trip and something happens and an accident occurs, workers’ comp will ask for the approved request and they will not be obligated to cover anything if there is no approved request.

00:03:47:15 - 00:04:27:06

So same thing with international trips. CISI, which is the International Insurance Company for International Travel, if there is no approved request, then something happens during the trip again, they will not be obligated to pay for anything, if there's no approved request in the system. So, for two, three and four, you want to make sure you put in the request and get it approved before the trip.

00:04:27:06 - 00:05:01:05

Personal travel, if you will be having personal travel during your UMD business trip, you will choose yes and then you'll put in the dates in this field personal dates right here. Along with that, if you choose yes for personal travel, you will need to provide a comparison for the flight, for the trip or however you're traveling. So if you're traveling by train, a comparison will still be needed.

00:05:02:13 - 00:05:36:15

So a comparison would be just the cost of the flight with just the UMD business dates, and then you have the cost of the flight with the UMD business dates and the personal travel dates. And this is so approvers and the university will be able to tell that they're not paying for any portion that belongs to your personal travel.

00:05:36:15 - 00:06:16:18

So here you see the KFS account number. So this is the KFS account number that will go over to the expenses you put on the request, and then later on the linked expense report. So again, the seven digit number, click that. And once you do that again, if you want to leave comments, you can, we’ll create requests and this is the request,

00:06:17:07 - 00:06:43:17

So if we click on the request header arrow at the top, you can see everything that we just filled out. And if you need to change, you can make that change. And here we will add the expected expenses for the trip. So the request is not asking for exact numbers, it's just an estimate. But if you have the exact numbers, you can put that in.

00:06:44:01 - 00:07:32:08

But the purpose of the request is to just have a general idea of how much will be spent for this trip. So if you click on add, you'll see a list of expenses, but you can filter them out by just typing the name. So for airfare, just type in air, it’ll filter out airfare, click it and then you will see this information that flowed over from that request header we filled out earlier and we'll just put in the expected amount we're going to be paying. For hotel, put in hotel, you’ll see hotel and lodging…

00:07:32:08 - 00:08:05:07

Again, you just put in the amount and then for things such as tolls or parking on the request side, these do not have their own expense types. So what you can do is type in other and you'll see other travel expenses. You click on that. It looks very similar. We put in the amount we're expecting to pay and we'll just say that this is for parking.

00:08:05:17 - 00:08:32:11

So you just put in parking in the comments and if you save this, you'll see that there is a common bubble for this expense. And this will let your approvers know that you put this in for parking and then for your meal per diem. If you just type in meal or per diem, it’ll filter out for you.

00:08:32:11 - 00:09:09:21

So this daily meal per diem, once you click this here, you'll see that the amount field is blocked. I can't change the amount field because as I mentioned, Concur is pulling in the federal GSA rates in the background. So all you do is click save. And here we see according to the dates and according to the destination, it's given us the full allowance of per diem for this trip.

00:09:11:00 - 00:09:45:18

Now, if you know that you are only allotted a certain amount for per diem, if you need to reduce this by $200, again, this is on the request side. You can use this daily meal per diem reduction expense to reduce the allowance for your per diem. So right now the total is $1831.50.

00:09:46:11 - 00:10:27:14

So if we need to reduce our per diem allowance by $200, so the reduction needs to be a negative number since we’re deducting it from the per diem allowance. Once you do that, you'll see parentheses. That's what you want to see. You click save. And now you can see that the total amount on the request has been reduced by $200 because this is pulling out $200 from your allowance and on the expense report side we’ll also show you what you will be able to do to reduce premium.

00:10:27:21 - 00:11:10:05

But this is just so approvers can see that you only have a certain amount for per diem. That's why you add the reduction. So once you're done adding all of the expected expenses, you just submit the request and it'll go through that approval workflow. Now if you need to attach anything to the request, so, flight comparisons, conference agendas, so approvers can check what meals are provided or you know, anything that you think is relevant to the trips.

00:11:10:08 - 00:11:48:22

If you think a certain email thread is important, you can attach it. You just use attachments dropdown, attach documents, click and then you'll be able to attach files from your computer. So this attachment should only be PDFs or image files, but you are able to attach it, and each file has a five megabyte limit. But again, if you do need to attach anything, you can do so.

00:11:48:22 - 00:12:19:24

And if you ever need to reference the request to anyone, you can provide the request ID and then that person will be able to work with that request ID to look up the request. So if you email us and you need assistance with something and you're working on something, you can just provide us this request ID and then we'll be able to go in and try to help you.

00:12:20:14 - 00:13:04:17

But that's pretty much a reference number for this trip. And once you're done and you submit, it'll go through that approval process. And then once the request has been fully approved, you will see that it has the approved status. So over here, up here and down here, you'll see that it is approved. If you open up that approved request, you will see a create expense report button.

00:13:04:17 - 00:13:49:23

But that's also another way to tell that this request has been fully approved. This is the button you will use to create the expense report for the trip. So this will automatically create the report that's linked to this approved request. So that's how you will be able to create your report after it's approved. If the trip doesn't happen, under more actions, you'll see a cancel request that will completely void this request and it never happened.

00:13:51:14 - 00:14:16:21

Close request, if the trip has happened, you submitted your expense reports and you no longer need to see this anymore. You can just close the request and it will just be sitting in your previously approved requests. But if the trip doesn't happen because you get sick or something and you end up not going. So this is how you would cancel the request for the trip.

00:14:16:21 - 00:14:32:21

So from here our request is approved and we can book our trip. So we will go to the travel tab at the very top.


00:00:00:19 - 00:00:16:16

And here we are in Concur’s booking tool. So you can see here you can book air, car rental, hotel and rail. Rail is domestic. So is Amtrak.

00:00:19:08 - 00:00:55:01

So here you have your options for roundtrip, one way and multi city. So when you search for a flight, please make sure you're searching for the correct type. Now, when it comes to booking, the university is requiring that airfare and rail be booked in Concur or with the new travel agency CTP. Car rentals and hotels can be booked anywhere.

00:00:55:01 - 00:01:41:13

You don't have to book it with Concur or with CTP. But again, the university is requiring airfare and rail to be booked in Concur or with CTP. So we'll just look for a flight. You can just start typing in a city and pull up all the nearby airports and we will put in the dates, the time. And then next to the time you'll see this dropdown with plus or minus numbers.

00:01:42:07 - 00:01:58:21

This is how far you want Concur to search for flights. So we search 2 hours before 9 a.m. and 2 hours after 9 a.m.. So you can decrease or increase that however much you want.

00:02:02:21 - 00:02:35:09

And then again, for car rentals and hotels, if you are going to put them in Concur while you're booking your flight or rail, you will be able to. But again, they can be booked outside of Concur or CTP. Class seating - so again, anything up to business class, you need your department approval along with meeting certain conditions. But that's available. And then price and schedule…

00:02:36:07 - 00:03:05:18

I'll go over what this means. So whether you choose price or schedule. So this drop down specify carrier, this is just if you want to search for flights with a certain airline, you can. So if you just want to look for flights with just one airline, this is what you want to check off and choose the airline. And this last check box here includes additional refundable airfares.

00:03:06:08 - 00:03:33:12

If you check this off and search for flights, it will only show you refundable fares. So if you are not trying to just book refundable fares, you don't want that check. Now, when it comes to refundable fares, they are not being mandated by the university. The university is asking travelers to really determine if they should get a refundable fare or not.

00:03:33:21 - 00:04:02:13

And this is due to COVID. There was a lot of money that was lost due to COVID. And if you think that getting a refundable fare, for whatever reason is the better option and you're able to do so, please do so. And we understand some people, some departments may have tighter travel budgets. So, again, you don't have to get the refundable fare, because they are more expensive.

00:04:02:22 - 00:05:39:03

But if you're able to and you think that you should, please do so. So once you put in your information and click search. - so the booking tool doesn't have a test site, so it's actually searching through real flights right now. (pause) All right. So here at the very top, you have this grid, this matrix. You can show or hide it.

00:05:39:21 - 00:06:05:21

So this is just breaking down all the results that were found. So you can click on any of these populated cells and it will filter out just those results. So, if I click on the American Airlines cell with the four results, down here you can see if I click that, it’ll just bring up those four flights for me.

00:06:06:24 - 00:06:53:06

And then here you have two tabs - shop by fare, shop by schedule. Shop by fares is prioritizing the pricing. Shop by schedule is prioritizing your schedule for the flights. So if you go with shop by schedule, you would actually be choosing your departure flight and then your return flight. Once you choose both, it’ll price out the fare for you and so that's what the difference is with shop by fares, shop by schedule.

00:06:53:18 - 00:07:22:14

So if we want to look at this flight's information, we'll just click on the more fares details link and then next to that, you'll see the shield icon with the checkmark. This is just letting you know that this flight is compliant with Fly American open skies. So for international flights, if you see this, that flight is compliant. So that's how you'll be able to tell.

00:07:26:13 - 00:07:45:18

And here we see that this is a non refundable fare. So we could just say we're going to go with this flight.

00:07:47:22 - 00:08:10:01

So here we'll see the flight information. And here, if you had more than one email address you used, you can pull it down from here. And here, this is where if you put any frequent flier programs in your profile, you'll be able to choose one from here.

00:08:12:07 - 00:08:57:21

And here the method of payment, if you added any credit cards, your travel card, your personal credit cards into your profile, they will be available here. So you can see my credit card is listed because that's in my profile. Now, you see this university ghost card that's highlighted in yellow. This ghost card is a virtual credit card only available in the Concur booking tool or with the travel agency CTP and this ghost card can pay for airfare and rail…

00:08:58:10 - 00:09:28:23

When booking in Concur or with CTP. For things such as hotels and car rentals, they require you to present a physical credit card once you arrive. So the ghost card can hold those reservations. So it can hold your hotel reservation if you book it in Concur or with CTP. But once you get there, you'll need to provide them with a real credit card.

00:09:29:01 - 00:09:57:05

So the ghost card, again, it will pay for the airfare and rail when booked in Concur and CTP. It cannot be used anywhere else. But this was created so people that don't travel much, they travel once or twice a year, they can utilize the ghost card for their airfare and rail. Everyonee will have that option. So it will be here for you.

00:09:57:05 - 00:10:22:16

But again, this will not pay for things like conference registration fees. This is only again for airfare and rail. So but it's there to utilize, if you wish. And then once you are done with this page, you click on reserve flight and continue. I can't click this or else it'll actually reserve the flight.

00:10:22:24 - 00:10:55:23

But once you click this reserve flight and continue button, you'll continue through a few more pages. You just click next on the page and then you'll get a finish prompt. Once you get that prompt saying that you're done, your booking is complete. So that's what the booking tool looks like. So again, airfare and rail, the university is requiring to be done in Concur or with CTP.

00:10:56:14 - 00:11:01:01

Hotels and car rentals can be done anywhere.


00:00:01:20 - 00:00:40:23

So now that we are back from our trip, let's say, you will start your expense report for the trip. So again, you'll click on the approved request and you'll click on the create expense report button. So now we have our expense report and it is linked to the approved request, and you are able to tell because you will see this request box right here.

00:00:41:07 - 00:01:14:14

So that's how you know this report is linked to an approved request. And here, this is where we'll put in all of the expenses we incurred from the trip, so whether they were travel part expenses, whether they were ghost card expenses, whether they were out-of-pocket expenses. All of those expenses will be on this report. So if I click on add expense, you will see two tabs on this pop up window.

00:01:15:20 - 00:01:46:04

Available expenses will be where all of your travel card expenses and where all of your ghost card expenses will show up. Once they are here, all you need to do is check off their box and then click add to report and then they will be added on to your report right here as an expense. The second tab, create new expense…

00:01:47:00 - 00:02:18:11

This is for out of pocket expenses. So if we want to put in airfare, you have the airfare expense details tab right here. Then we'll just put in when we purchased it, and then and then we flew to Paris.

00:02:24:12 - 00:02:57:18

So class of service again, economy, business. First class, it's not allowed, but it hasn't been removed yet. But we’ll choose economy. So again, since this was an out-of-pocket expense, you want to make sure the payment type is set to paid by employee. So you're telling Concur that this expense was paid by you. It needs to be reimbursed to me and then amount…

00:02:58:20 - 00:03:30:12

So this is a good time to show you what the currency conversion looks like. So it's set to euro. So we'll put in 600. And now you can see that it is converting to U.S. dollars. The conversion rate will use each transaction date. So whatever the transaction date is, it will use that conversion rate. So you can see the conversion happening here automatically.

00:03:30:12 - 00:04:03:12

And then the receipt, if there was no receipt attached to this, well, this is an out of pocket expense. So you click on approved receipt and if you took a picture of the receipt or you got an email confirmation or email invoice or email receipt, again you can forward those to that receipt at, when you do that the receipts will be sitting right here for you to attach to the expense.

00:04:04:14 - 00:04:52:14

Or if it's still on your computer, you can attach it directly from your computer. So we'll just click on attach and then the receipt is attached to this expense. And here you can save and here you are. We have the airfare expense which was paid out of pocket. We have the receipt, we have the conversion here. So €600 and here's a conversion of 2 USD.

00:04:52:14 - 00:05:34:20

So hotel, we’ll add the hotel next. Now for the hotel vendor, if the vendor is not listed on this hotel vendor dropdown, you have the other option, and then you can just put the hotel name in the comment field, if it's not listed here. Again, this was an out of pocket expense to make sure it's paid by employee.

00:05:36:07 - 00:06:18:14

So we paid €500 and then the receipt and if you are done with this details portion on the hotel expense and you click save, you will get this prompt. So hotel expenses in Concur, they need to be itemized according to the receipt. So hotel receipts will usually have the rate for each night, it will have the tax for each night on the receipt.

00:06:18:14 - 00:06:56:04

So we'll click yes to itemize. So all this did was next to the details tab, it just took us to the itemization tab and here we see that we have €500 remaining to itemize. So if we click itemize and then for the hotel rate, which is for hotel again and here we have these options here same every night and not same every night.

00:06:56:12 - 00:08:15:00

So if the rate wasn't the same every night, you would choose not the same every night. You just put in a hundred. So here you see that it put in the rate for each night and then we have 100 remaining. Oh I didn't put in the tax. I'm sorry. So hotel lodging. So if the rate was 100 every night and there were taxes, you’ll click on that tax and then we'll just put in ten and then this is per night and it was the same every night and we save, you can see that it's listed the hotel rate for each night and the taxes for each night.

00:08:15:00 - 00:08:57:03

Now we still have €60 remaining. So we’ll just say that maybe we have to pay for internet? So if you type in internet/communications/phone it’s an expense type and we'll put in the rest. That's the remaining amount, and save. So now we have that green checkmark and the itemizations are all listed. You can ignore these alerts on this account.

00:08:57:13 - 00:09:16:01

So it won't be accurate, but some alerts. So I want you to do that and save, you will be done with the hotel expense. So again, you can see the conversion 500 to the US dollars.

00:09:19:07 - 00:10:19:03

Now, as I showed you on the request side, things such as tolls and parking, they didn't have their own expense types. On the expense report side, they will have their own expenses. So you pay for parking, paid by employee, save, and now we have the parking expense right here. Now for per diem for you and the employee travelers, per diem will be added to your expense report by using this travel allowance function.

00:10:19:19 - 00:10:52:23

So once you click travel allowance and manage travel allowance, you will be brought to this page. From here you just click number one at the top and you'll be on the page where normally, since you're booking in Concur or with CTP, you will be able to click on this import itinerary button and you'll be able to import the itinerary.

00:10:52:23 - 00:11:34:15

So pretty much your departure day information and your return date information. But since I don't have any data for that, I have to manually input it. So if you ever do need to manually input it, this is how you would go about doing so. So say we left from Baltimore which, say we left at 9:00. So again, this is for the departure and once we save it, we see that departure day information will save.

00:11:34:24 - 00:12:12:13

The cities are flipped for the return date information and we'll save that. And now we have both the departure and return day information. Again, since you're booking in Concur with CTP, you would just be able to click this button and then import that information. So once you do that, you can click on next and then next again and you will be brought to this page.

00:12:13:19 - 00:12:42:11

This is where you will claim your per diem. So starting all the way to the left, you'll see this exclude column with checkboxes. Let's just say one of the days was a personal travel day and you shouldn't be reimbursed for any meals from that day since it was a personal day. You can check off the box on the left and you can see that the allowance on the right will become zero.

00:12:43:02 - 00:13:18:11

So this day won't be attached to your expense report. So if multiple days need to be excluded, this checkbox will let you do that. Now for the meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you check off a meal, you are telling Concur that this meal was provided to you. So whether the conference or event provided the meal or someone took you out for that meal.

00:13:19:11 - 00:13:59:04

So you're telling Concur you don't need to be reimbursed for any of the meals that you're checking off. So once you're done checking off what meals were provided to you, you can click on create expenses. And then here you will now see your per diem and then this is what you will be reimbursed for your per diem. Now this process of adding your per diem to your expense report, you are done with your meals.

00:13:59:10 - 00:14:47:01

You don't need receipts, you don't need to do anything else because you had per diem on your request. So you checked off whatever meals were provided to you and so you don't get reimbursed for those meals, but you will be done with your meals since you don't need receipts using per diem. If you have a travel card and you use that travel card to buy yourself a meal, so your own personal meal,l and let's say you buy ten meals for yourself on the travel card during your trip, not only do you need to do your per diem process, you need to again, for travel card expenses, you need to add…

00:14:47:01 - 00:15:16:07

...all of those travel card expenses that were meals to the expense report. And when you do that, you will need to make sure that each of those individual meals you purchased on the travel card is set to this expense type - daily meal per diem offset. So if we just pretend, we can just imagine this is a travel card expense.

00:15:17:01 - 00:16:05:16

So here we see this daily meal per diem offset. So this is a travel card expense you use to buy yourself a meal. Not only do you need to do this for each of those travel card charges, you need an itemized receipt for each of these personal meals you purchased for yourself on the travel card. So you can see that if you buy multiple meals for yourself on a travel card, it will end up being a lot more work for you because you need the receipts and you need to make sure that each of those are set to offset expense types.

00:16:06:12 - 00:16:30:06

If you don't buy any meals on your travel card and you just take care of them yourself, you'll just be done with meals during this per diem process. So now that doesn't mean you can't buy your meals on your travel card. You can, but it's just yeah, it'll just be a lot more work for you when you're working on your report.

00:16:30:20 - 00:17:14:23

So per diem is just the cleanest way to handle your meals on trips. So again, here on the UI here, you can open up the expense reports header and you’ll be able to note any changes. And here this KFS number was copied over from our approved request. If you know that the KFS number for all the expenses on the report needs to go to another KFC number…

00:17:15:07 - 00:17:46:06

All you need to do is change it right here. So on the request it was another number, but maybe someone told you you need to use this KFS number instead for your expenses. So you put the new KFS number you save. And this will just want you to confirm that you want that new KFS number to apply to all of the expenses on your report.

00:17:46:06 - 00:18:24:02

So if you click update now, all of these expenses will be charged to that new KFS number we just put into the reports. That header. Now, if you need to split an expense to multiple KFS numbers or just a new KFS number just for a single expense, you can check off the box for the for the expense and click on allocate up here and here you'll see percentage and amount.

00:18:24:16 - 00:19:02:07

This is just how you want to split the expense. So if you choose percentage, you'll split it by percentage, split by amount, you put in the exact amount you want split. So right now, 100% of this is going to that new KFS number I put into the reports header 100%. So if you click add and in the first number field, you put in another number and then save it, by default it'll push 100% to the new account.

00:19:02:18 - 00:19:33:20

But if you need to split this 50/50 on a 50% and now you can see that 50% is going to the default and 50% is going to the new account. So if I save it, you can see all the way to the right of the expense that the allocation for this has been changed somehow.

00:19:34:04 - 00:20:18:11

So if you click that, you'll see the split allocation for that expense. And here, attachments is the same thing. If you have your flight comparisons, your conference agendas, emails that you want to provide under this manage receipts dropdown menu, you will see manage attachments. So it says manage receipts initially, but when you click on it, it will say manage attachments and then it'll show you all the attachments you have so far in terms of including receipts.

\00:20:18:24 - 00:21:10:23

But you have this append button at the bottom here and then you'll be able to attach any, again, any PDF or image file to the report and then print share detail report. This will just have all the information pretty much for the report. So if you need to provide something to someone like the information on the report someone and you can just print this out or email it to them, and once you're done putting in all of your expenses, you'll click submit and then it'll go through that approval process and then you'll be done.


00:00:01:14 - 00:00:41:03

This is the website for Concur or for travel if you're using Concur. And when you come here to this page, you'll see six main tiles and then at the top you'll see the log in link. If you click on this link, you'll be taken to the Concur log in page. This will show you how to log into Concur here.

00:00:41:03 - 00:01:31:14

This is the link that will actually take you to Concur. And then underneath we have two scenarios posted. The first scenario is once you click this link, it'll take you to the UMD CAS sign on. I'm sure everyone's familiar with this. And then once you sign in, you'll be in Concur and then you can use a job to set up your profile. If you click the link to go to Concur and it takes you to this sign in page with the next button, you will use your UID number

00:01:31:22 - 00:01:59:19

So it's an email address. Once you do that and click next, you will have an option for UMD SSO, which means single sign on. And this will take you to the CAS sign on. And once you do that you’ll be in Concur and then once you are in Concur, again you want to make sure you set up your profile.

00:01:59:19 - 00:02:39:10

So these two scenarios are the two scenarios we ran into with people. So the instructions are listed on this page for you. So these main six tiles we’ll just go into travel discounts to show you what it looks like. So they have dropdowns sections and auto rentals, discount codes. We had to hide them. So only employees will be able to access it using the CAS sign on.

00:02:40:14 - 00:03:12:20

We we ran into some trouble with non UMD people trying to use the codes so if you are in need of the travel code you can just click this and you'll be taken to that. And on the right hand side the quick links travel management company will be the new travel agency’s information so their phone number, email address and then we can go over the fees.

00:03:13:06 - 00:03:43:23

So when you book in Concur directly using Concur’s booking tool when the expense for that booking shows up in your Concur account, you will have the expense and then you'll have a separate expense for a fee of $3.50. And this is when booking in Concur. If you book with a CTP agent for a domestic trip, it will be a $25 fee.

00:03:44:21 - 00:04:22:17

And if you book with a CTP agent for an international trip, it will be a $27 fee. So their information is right here. Again, that's under the quick links. And then Concur travel procedures. This will tell you what expense what things might be allowable and what might not be allowable. So for each section, so just a good tool to look at.

00:04:23:02 - 00:05:13:03

But under air travel you will see the information for premium seating. So with departmental approval and you meet one of the conditions you will be able to book on whatever type of seat the department approved you for. So this is where that information will be and then Concur Help Center. So the second section, support, this will show you the office hours that we have set up so you drop in, you ask your question and then support for emails for Concur.

00:05:13:05 - 00:05:39:13

You can send it here, call this number and then every Thursday, as I mentioned earlier, we do have a demo of what we just ran through. But some weeks may be canceled if some weeks might be focusing on something else. So we'll leave notes here if something does change. And then the how to guides, this is where the job aids will be.

00:05:40:02 - 00:06:11:16

So again, the profile set up is here. The travel card application is here. So for you and the employees, if you're traveling, this is the request and expense report process. For guests or non employees, if the department is taking care of the guest or non employee’s travel, this will be the process here and this process was put in place by the state.

00:06:12:00 - 00:06:42:03

We really didn't have much of a choice. So this is the guest process. Any events, the hotel itemization is right here. That daily meal per diem reduction if you have to reduce the per diem it’s there, the daily meal per diem with the checkbox process to put your per diem on your report. Per diem is different for guests.

00:06:42:10 - 00:06:51:23

So there's a separate per diem paid for guests and the same thing for mileage, mileage for employees and then mileage for guests and non employees.

00:06:54:08 - 00:07:20:08

And then we have splitting expenses to multiple KFS numbers, the last thing I showed was a checkbox. And then the allocate button to split the expense to multiple KFS accounts. And then we have CISI’s information again, the international travel company. So their information is here. Then we have some information for mobile apps.