Student Travel Expense Report Guidance

Processing a student travel expense report depends on whether or not the student receives a UMD paycheck.  Before processing an expense report on behalf of a student, check with the student to find out if they are receiving a paycheck and which future pay periods that paycheck will be received. This is important because the State of Maryland requires reimbursements to be attached to a paycheck.  

If a student receives a paycheck, then the student or their delegate should follow:

  • Event Expense Report

If a student does not receive a paycheck or will not be receiving a paycheck they have to be treated as a guest. Follow: 

  • Event Expense Report

    Once the Event Expense Report has been fully approved for a Guest/Non-Employee reimbursement, follow 

    #4 - Guest/Non-Employee Post-Travel Instructions (2 of 2) and complete the Guest Reimbursement Notification form. 

    Both can be found under the Single Non-Employee/Guest section.

All job aids can be found in the Concur Help Center.