Travel Advisory

Travel Advisory UPDATE: July 1, 2022


USM has approved a mid-year mileage rate increase effective July 1, 2022,  in accordance with the IRS from 58.5 cents to 62.5 cents.  The ELF forms will have a drop-down list for initiators to choose the correct rate for the date of the travel.  For Concur users, the rate will automatically generate based on the dates.

Per Diem

State of Maryland per diem for ELF forms: Meal & Incidental Expenses (M&IE) Reimbursement Rates for FY 2023


Travel Alert

The airline industry is experiencing a very high volume of flight delays and cancellations due to staffing shortages and the increased volume of travelers.  The large number of cancellations of flights can be difficult for travelers to track, especially when there is little notice.  Our travel management agencies are monitoring flight status and notifying the travelers but the wait times for rebooking can take hours.  

While the current air travel conditions can be quite frustrating, we encourage travelers to take the following actions to assist with receiving timely travel notifications and easing frustrations resulting from flight delays and cancellations:

  • Download your applicable airline app to receive up to date travel notices. Be patient! Wait times for all travel-related issues are longer than normal.
  • For Concur users, download and connect TripIt Pro from the App Center within the SAP Concur homepage. Tripit Pro provides real-time updates from the airlines.

The following USA Today article about  airline delays and cancellations has more information, tI think one article is enough.